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12/28/2020 1:26 am  #1

Need guidance

   NOTE: I'm afraid this thread seems a bit too complainish and I'm doing the opposite by not "persisting and living in the end", I was kinda hesitant to post this since every single answer on those threads seem to be the same "youre saying its not working so ofc it isnt, look at what youre saying, you believe it isn't working so it isn't".I've been sticking to the end, so if you would please indulge me for a little bit and allow the "venting" I'll do my best to go back to living in the end as the discussion is finished.

    So I started reading Neville about 6 months ago, and got instantly hooked, since a lot of his philosophies match really well with my own and non duality stuff I was into, and something in my heart just knew intuitively that it was true, so I started applying it with a lot of faith. I've read a lot of books from Neville and some of his lectures, eventually I understood I couldn't visualize very well and just kept doing mental diet, watching my thoguhts thru the day, and doing affirmations. Doing those regarding an SP that wasn't an ex, it made me feel joy and happiness, like I knew it was already done.

   Obviouslly the SP was the main thing for me, I was really confident that it was gonna happen, when people would suggest to me that I did this and that regarding some circunstances in my life, I would just smile and listen quietly, with a real smug face like I knew a secret that they did not, because I knew by this time today I would already be in a serious relationship with my sp on the way of moving in together, I just knew it. The result was the SP ghosting me for the first time in years of us knowing each other, technically she ghosted everyone she knew online, but same thing. I also tried to keep contact to a minimum.

   I  decided to try other smaller manifestations, like weight loss, other people getting into contact with me and sending me texts, finding coins on the street, small amounts of money. Nothing. Not a single thing has manifested. So what went wrong? I've kept my mental diet in check, kept negative thoughts to a minimum, I would just be minding my own business not trying to think of the SP and she would just pop up in my head and make me really happy, encouraged and hopeful. I would feel all warm and fuzzy and how lucky we both were to be in the perfect relationship, I would dream about me and her being together. I also tried not to overdo with my affirmations and intentions since I know about law of reverse effort.

   I remembered people saying how they are trying to manifest for months or years with 0 results, and I could sense in their speech why that would happen... they would usually do techniques for 10min and then fall in the old story, or you could see they would not be living in the end (e.g. no one would celebrate a freaking text message from someone if they were living in the end of already being with their person, it would just be normal). I thought they were "just doing it wrong", I can't explain what the hell is happening in my situation though, and when I started to see no results after staying in the end for months, this literally drove me to the brink of having a mental breakdown, as I believed with my whole heart in something that brougth me 0 results, I was scammed and fooled like a damn idiot... obviously that's not all, or I would not by writing this.  I have read enough Neville and applied it to the point where something inside me doesn't want to give up, but at the same time I don't have the energy to keep doing it when it's bringing ZERO results. I know that things can be happening behind the scenes without me seeing it, but come on.... 6 months? Really? Getting the complete opposite by being ghosted. But one thing stuck with me from all the teachings... if you really trully want something, then it is meant for you, it is God that put that desire there, and it is meant to be yours. So it would feel wrong to just give up and leave it, but honestly I'm not sure what to do anymore.  

  Thanks for the attention and sorry for the long text. 

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12/28/2020 3:59 am  #2

Re: Need guidance

When did you decide that you'd failed? It sounds like you'd set yourself a time limit, 'by today', which put the pressure on, which also could have then made you try to force results, and force doesn't work. Neville said to live in the end and persist until your desire manifested, not to give up after 6 months or any other period of time (unless you change your mind, of course). I've personally had many manifestations that were virtually instant or took hours or days and also things that took years, as well as times in between.

If you're trying to manifest something else smaller, other than the SP, choose something you think would be easy and achievable so you can have success with that and gain confidence.

You've said you've read a lot of Neville and have been applying it, but do you really understand it? You might be surprised how many people think they're living in the end, and it turns out they haven't been at all. When you live in the end, you think and feel from the standpoint of already having your desire now, not think that you are going to have it by some future time. Is your SP there with you now in your mind? Are you hearing her say what you want to hear her say? Are you interacting with her like you would if you were together? It has to happen in your mind first before it can get pushed out into the external world.

This is not the time to worry about the law of reversed effort. You can't say or write affirmations or do anything else of your preference to reprogram your mind too much. Virtually everybody has some limited thinking due to their upbringing or life experiences that needs to be worked on. If you want to change a situation, a positive mental diet can't be just part of the time and swing back and forth like a pendulum between that and negative. Your SP ghosting you is feedback that you've got some sort of block.It could be any number of things, and it might not be about her specifically. Any negative beliefs about relationships, self worth, or not being good enough to have what you want are just a few possible examples.

I am putting you a link to a compilation of Neville SP success stories below. A couple of them are particularly good at explaining exactly what they did and didn't do to get their desired results. Also, there is a youtube channel called create your future that specialises in SPs and has some great coaches like Katie, Ani, Megan, and Erika, and there are also others. If I needed coaching, I'd choose one of them, probably Katie. It could help you just to listen to them. I prefer listening to Neville, but I sometimes listen to them as well.

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12/28/2020 11:37 pm  #3

Re: Need guidance

  That's the thing, of course in the first couple months of learning I had a lot of negative thoughts and feelings towards her, me and the relationship in general, bad inner conversations and all that. That's another reason LOA teachings made so much sense, because we were getting along really well and I started thinking a bunch of crap and things went downhill.

   After the first 2-3 months of practicing it though, I thought I got things down. Negative thoughts became rare, and I would for the most part think and feel from the end, as we were already together. I would think of how much she loves me and how great we are together, I would do visualizations of me and her living together and happily married with my limited visualization skills, I would have imaginal conversations of us treating each other with a lot of love and affection. I would watch my thoughts throughout the day to make sure I wasn't undoing the work by thinking the opposite. I wouldn't think as if it was gonna happen, I always thought of it as a present fact.

 I went at this with full confidence, but being honest, a lot of unrelated things fell apart at once for me, including no result or movement from the loa practices. Those took a heavy toll on me, and it shattered my confidence making me severely depressed, I was really confident before those last couple of weeks though, but I can see how the way I'm feeling now would put blocks on everything. 

 Also I do have a maybe unrelated question if I may. Why do so many people try this for months or years with no results? I look at other communities and I see many people trying this for so long with no results, as I mentioned in my original post, I could always see that they were doing the techniques for 10 min and then falling on the old story, not living in the end, reacting to 3d etc. But the idea of becoming like one of those people became really scary to me, to be hanging on to one person for months or years with no results.  Is it possible that you are doing the right things and it still takes a long time for the results to come? Most youtubers that teach this say that no matter the past or circunstances, when the subconscious is fully impressed, you could have them by the end of the week no matter what, and it happens every fast. Other people say it might take a while. I know I shouldn't dwell on the time aspect, but this is more of a curiosity/learning question.

  I watched a lot of videos from create your future as well and have readed all the success stories from that pdf. I very much appreciate the help and reply, thank you very much. 


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12/29/2020 7:30 pm  #4

Re: Need guidance

The subconscious mind has to accept something as true before it will happen externally. A good book on that subject is The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

I don't do social media myself and for many people, if not all, who want to manifest a relationship with an SP or ex, it would be better for them if they avoided it completely. I have seen it so many times that they are constantly checking on somebody's social media, probably to see if anything has changed in the last 5 minutes since they visualised or said some affirmations, and they would get very upset at photos and things that are written there. Never mind that a lot of it is bogus. It's not been called Fakebook without reason. They torture themselves with this sort of thing and wonder why they don't make any progress, dwelling on a third party like that's a permanent thing that can't be changed, for example..

I have had many people ask for my help, but the vast majority of them could not tear themselves away from social media and seeing things they didn't want to see, tormented themselves with it, couldn't do the work because of so much focus on what they didn't want, and gave up, which is quite sad because the few people who listened succeeded.

In Neville's day there obviously wasn't any internet, social media, or any of the other distractions of modern technology, and I do believe that people were more successful back then. They just did the work and didn't keep looking for more and more techniques to try, and they especially didn't have all of the forums to read all of the negativity and how hopeless and desperate other people felt and about all of their doubts and fears, etc.

The first book I ever read on this subject was The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol when I was 15 years old and there weren't any of those distractions. He doesn't take it as far as Neville, but it's still a great book, and I had amazing, magical results just by copying what he said he did in ways that were meaningful to me. I recommend this book for people who may not quite be ready for Neville. When I first discovered Neville I thought he was well over the top until I realised how right he was.

Persistence is very important and so is having faith. It does take varying periods of time to manifest various things, and comparing yourself or your results with somebody else or their results is not a productive thing to do. One person's results have nothing to do with anybody else's, so don't let it discourage you. It's not a race.

The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

12/29/2020 11:21 pm  #5

Re: Need guidance

 I did read Murphy's book, it was very helpful to me since he's more of an affirmation guy and I have trouble visualising. I'm not on social media either, I never did like it. I used to talk to the SP on discord messenger, I've been avoiding that as well for the most part as a way to not "keep checking" or reacting to things. I haven't tried to reach out in a while or tried to force things. 

 I was very confident for the past couple of months, but I was already having some issues with depression, recent circunstances made things a lot worse. This is still what I want, but I'm not really sure how to proceed, as I'm feeling a bit exhausted and having a hard time keeping up with the affirmations and mental diet, but negative thoughts are still a rare things regarding the SP, maybe I did something right... ofc a little bit of negativity shows up here and there, but I guess that's normal with everyone, I don't expect me or anyone else to think 100% perfectly.  

  Maybe I expected things to happen too quickly when things began to go in the right direction internally, I was sure things got impressed sucessfully when I started interpreting things in the right way in the 3d, even when they seemed not to be in my favor, when I started having dreams where I already had what I want ( which didnt happen before), and when I suddenly started thinking of her out of the blue filled with confidence, love and grattitude. I knew it was already a fact and it was really hard to shake me from this feeling, and I guess I still do. Maybe a break is needed to focus on other things for a bit.

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12/29/2020 11:52 pm  #6

Re: Need guidance

I was going to suggest taking a break for a bit. It doesn't have to be a long one, but it can really help.

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12/30/2020 2:52 am  #7

Re: Need guidance

Yeah I'm gonna do that, thanks much Cynthia you have a heart of gold. 

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12/30/2020 3:00 am  #8

Re: Need guidance

That's very kind of you to say that. Thank you.

The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

6/10/2021 12:49 am  #9

Re: Need guidance

Still nothing after all this time, I have been away from places online where I could see her so I would have an easier time not reacting, I felt like it helped, really felt like it was mine already, that it was just a matter of time. But after a year, nothing. Don't even know if she's alive or not. I feel like this whole loa business just ended up making me break my heart even harder in the end. 

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6/10/2021 3:18 am  #10

Re: Need guidance

The object of any method or 'technique' is to impress your subconscious mind with the belief that you have your desire now. This has to happen before your desire is outpictured on the screen of space, meaning it becomes a fact in your external experience, sometimes called the 3D. The subconscious cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Persistence is extremely important. So is repetition. If you are not having results, you may want to try something different to try to convince your subconscious. You may not have to. You may just need more persistence and repetition.

You made an earlier comment about not wanting to overdo affirmations and intentions due to the law of reversed effort. That has nothing to do with this. You cannot overdo them. You don't have to believe them, they are just another method to use to programme your subconscious mind, and maybe that is something you need to do more of before you give up. Put your focus and concentration on each one as you read or say them. Don't rush through them. Say them like you mean them.

I find it very helpful to write letters to myself from a person, it doesn't have to be an SP, having the person tell me everything I want to hear from them, and then reading the letter over and over again. I usually read it once through 3 times a day, focussing on it as with affirmations, but you could do it more. I also have inner conversations with a person, anyone, it doesn't have to be an SP. Time shouldn't even cross your mind. Time doesn't matter, and it is not helpful to think of how much time has passed. It takes as long as it takes, and nobody knows how long that will be.

Also, your username is in conflict with your goal, and I couldn't help but notice that when I first saw your earlier post.  It's a negative thing to call yourself and could be having a negative psychological impact on you that you don't even realise. You're manifesting 24/7 anyway, so you might as well focus on what you want. However, you can give up if you want to, but I don't think you came back here to announce that you were giving up.

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The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

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