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1/23/2018 5:36 am  #31

Re: Contrast..

I loved this post! Yes i am keeping my vibes up. Until now and through working with myself i have managed not to fall off the ladder completely but to hang on somewhere in the middle. So its only half way up! 


12/17/2018 12:55 pm  #32

Re: Contrast..

i basically jst had this downfall. i see myself as powerful, reduced duration of coming back to normal.
I wna know why this happens and i know there's a solution to everthing. I am feeling like talking to some witch. 
They hv powerful stuffs, simple remedies to remove negativities. 
I am telling this myself. when i dont come in contact with negative ppl, am at peace. But when i come
I am at above situation. Can we realll come up with xperienced solution ? that anyone knows worked?

Thanks & Love
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12/26/2018 6:46 am  #33

Re: Contrast..

Cherished wrote:

I wanted to open up a discussion today about something that I've been observing. In my own experience, I've been able to manifest many wonderful things. I've also worked hard at honing my skills, and raising my vibration steadily over a long period of time. Something that comes up time and time again, is the issue of contrast. By this, I mean manifesting your desire in part, or manifesting a reality where you feel AMAZING and then suddenly reacting from a place of fear or insecurity. And sliding back down the ladder. Or experiencing something you DIDN'T wish to create. I want to help you all to see this as a very necessary and (dare I say it) satisfying part of the journey. Allow me to explain.

You spend all your time focusing on your thoughts, your feelings, and your vibration. You begin to understand exactly how law of attraction works. You can feel the subtle differences in your emotional states, and you come to learn what this will yield to you. You feel the wonderful energy of source at your back, and you finally understand what being "in the flow" is really all about.

And then you visualise. You see your desire, you enjoy the sensations, you revel in the joy of it all within your imagination. It truly begins to feel realistic for the first time.

Initially, this is where you stumble because you have finally hit the "feeling" place of where you want to be. So you are SURE your manifestation must follow. And follow it will, if you can stay steady in your vibration there.
But people become unstuck. They look around and say "ok, I've been thinking positively for 2 whole days now and I didn't get a single message!" And back down the ladder you go.

After a day or so of wallowing, you decide to take a deep breath and try again. Your desire is still strong, so off you go! You get a hold of your emotions, and you charge your way back up that ladder! As you practice, you learn to relax and enjoy the unfolding and you come to feel genuinely peaceful and more cheerful about your future. You begin to revel in your newfound positivity. It actually feels exhilarating! And then OMG, your desire comes into your field of vision, like a mirage! It's there! A message, a run-in, a call.. It's on it's way!! Eeeeeek!

As you prepare for your full manifestation, your mind often loses focus. Instead of ramping up that vibe, you begin to think from the perspective of a non-LOA'er.. ie. you become insecure and fearful. You get an attack of the "what-if's" and you begin to create a completely different reality to the lovely scene within your grasp. The mirage disappears. Or the new car doesn't arrive. Or the money doesn't appear. Or the guy doesn't respond.

What does a hardcore LOAer think? "Oops, I'm creating my crappy story again, back to my fairytale!"

A non-LOAer thinks "omg, he doesn't love me, he's gone forever!!!!!!" And unfortunately for the person who doesn't believe or understand that LOA is ALWAYS working, they create that reality for themselves.

So what do we do when we slide back down the ladder and into the mud? You can cry (releasing resistance), and kick things and throw a tantrum and scream at the universe for not bringing your stuff, OR you can acknowledge you were just handed a wonderful opportunity.

From the bottom of the ladder as you sit in your mud, you can learn SUCH valuable lessons. From that vantage point, you can see why you fell back down. You can really acknowledge how nasty it feels to fall and land in the mud. And how INCREDIBLE it feels to be up the top of your ladder. Use this time wisely. Use it to gather your strength. Use it to find comfort in the small things. Use it as an opportunity to further clarify your desire. What exactly DO you want? Right. Now affirm that NOTHING is going to pull you down again. NOTHING. You are determined to climb, and climb you will! There's something raw and beautiful about starting at the bottom. There's actually some comfort in that for me. There's no further to fall. There's only up. And up there, it is as vast, and magical and delicious as your wildest dreams.

The ONLY thing you need to do is get up out of the mud. Actually, first you could practice appreciating the mud, that's a fabulous place to start! 😜

Get up. Know that this will make you stronger. Know that this is a chance for you to practice climbing. And as you feel a little relief, ACKNOWLEDGE that you just climbed a little! You're off! As you reach up for the next rung, FEEL a shift in your awareness. Feel yourself literally climbing out of that vibration and into clear blue skies. And KNOW that the more you fall down, the better you get at catching yourself before you hit the mud! You will become so good at this, that soon you won't ever hit the ground again. You might slip, but you'll catch yourself quickly, and correct your footing.

This is one step at a time, guys. One thought at a time. As you step into a new thought, feel it. Is it nice? Do you feel relief? Keep going!

This is a process you will do over and over and over again. It's not something that happens once and you're gold. LOA can be as simple or as difficult as you make it, but CONTRAST will always be present. Try to find comfort in this- NOTHING is permanent. EVERYTHING is possible. It doesn't matter WHAT happens, it only matters that you catch yourself ASAP, correct your thinking, become presently aware that you are creating again, and head on back up your ladder.

Any situation can become the best thing that ever happened to you. If you project that thought to the exclusion of all else. You can have exactly the life that you desire. But you can't sit in the mud. You have to get up, and start the climb. 💜🌈


exactly I had this question in mind. Why do wee fall down from momentum builded.. Then I learnt its natural...
My manifestation is half in truth after going through these.... I hv decided to use power of diversion.

Thanks & Love
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2/13/2019 6:41 pm  #34

Re: Contrast..

I guess it was worth adding to this thread to remind us of the original post. So many great posters have vanished from this site.

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

12/30/2019 10:39 am  #35

Re: Contrast..

Good Morning    I wish Cherished was still  on the site
She writes with amazing wisdom and insight     
Love her posts   always bring me up   when I slip


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