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8/26/2017 7:14 pm  #1


I want all of you who are looking to attract back an ex to get really real with your own self. I see a lot of people posting desperately about how they need their ex back but their ex is disrespectful, unavailable, rude, distant etc. to them. Think about it, are you really in love with someone who treats you this way? Or are you just trying to convince someone that you are worthy and wonderful to be with for your own ego gains? Do you really love this person? Or do you love the idea of their potential?

ANYTHING is possible with LOA. There are many people who lose themselves in relationships, get broken up with, and then do the work to find themselves again and attract back their ex. These are people who always attract back their ex because they realize they lost themselves along the way. They realized they were responsible for their own happiness. These are the people who take their power back, find their joy again and magnetize love quickly into their lives. This is different than being in love with an asshole who disrespects you. The people who lose themselves realize they had an amazing partner who treated them very well, and they had and overall incredible connection with. This makes it easy to do their part and let the universe realign things to as they were. 

If you have convinced yourself you love someone who has treated you poorly, really investigate why you feel you deserve such a low level of love. After all, you are your own best friend. Don’t you want to give yourself the highest level of love this lifetime? Why would you obsess over an asshole (or someone married or unavailable)? You can have whatever level of love you wish but if you are settling for (close to)nothing, you will get nothing.

**It is possible that when you do self love and healing, a person who acted one way to you can show up completely differently. Yet, it takes the self love and healing for the universe to reflect back that new version of someone to you. If you are obsessing over someone's negative qualities, that is the same person you are going to attract. So do yourself a favor and stop obsessing over an asshole. Even if they have treated you wrong, focus on the good qualities and let those grow and expand into your life. The universe knows it all, you can’t pretend you are worthy and focus on how unworthy you feel around a specific person you are “in love” with. Be honest with yourself, please. The sooner you get real with you, the sooner your manifestation will arrive. You got this! You are powerful and amazing! 

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The entire Universe lives inside of you, why play small?

8/27/2017 3:58 am  #2

Re: Honesty

Great post and lots of people need to read this!


8/27/2017 5:50 am  #3

Re: Honesty

I've said similar things to this in response to posters a number of times just to be told "but I love him". This is when the other person is being disrespectful, using them for sex, flaunting other people in front of them or being rude. This is not love. It's limerence, addictive behaviour and/or lack of self respect.

I really hope this post is pinned.

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8/27/2017 9:48 am  #4

Re: Honesty

This is why I feel weird about everyone loving Agnes's advice - "everyone is you pushed out." Neville wrote it, Agnes and her fans made it more of a fad, but I saw that it motivated people to be focused on changing their thoughts only to change the other person, and with the focus on changing the other person...well, that's not living in the end result. It's funny, interpreting Neville's advice to think in an un-Neville way.

Anyway, it's one of the hardest challenges - listening to inner truth and surrendering your own ego. There were times when I knew the girl wasn't very nice, that she wasn't as great as I fantasized, that I would be happy with someone else, but my ego didn't want to hear that. I wanted her because having her would make me worthy, the comfort of the old days, an adventure, a conquest. A dangerous trick of the mind. Like how we crave junk food or material crap that never makes us happy in the end. The mind is so good at fooling us into wanting something so bad, but it's only one aspect of our ego doing that and it just so happens that the voice of that aspect is a little louder than usual. We call it love, but is that really what it is? The funny part of LoA is that we come to these forums and we believe what others tell us - that we are the masters of our own reality, but most of the time we are just slaves to our own egos, slaves to the truths we resist.


8/27/2017 1:33 pm  #5

Re: Honesty

Thank you for the replies. I just would love to see all beings strive higher and see themselves as worthy. It can be hard to see our stuff and sometimes we need outsiders to help us see more clearly. Always available and here for anyone who needs a reminder  

The entire Universe lives inside of you, why play small?
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3/15/2018 9:14 pm  #6

Re: Honesty

I love this post..definitley opened my eyes..i need to work on myself more..i need to get back to my own groove and spend time on the people i do have in my life..been so focused on this one person that shut me out after a month..but i truly am worthy and deserving of friendships... i am honestly a great friend..


5/13/2020 6:01 am  #7

Re: Honesty

Hi guys
Be postive in such tough times


5/13/2020 6:02 am  #8

Re: Honesty

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5/13/2020 6:03 am  #9

Re: Honesty

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1/19/2022 1:37 am  #10

Re: Honesty

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