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1/15/2018 9:11 am  #1


Hello everyone.
I am new to this forum, and have recently decided to try to go all in for the LoA. As with so many others on here, the inspiration is a specific person. But it's hard, because all my friends are just telling me to "forget that psycho" and point out the stuff I used to complain about. But for the most part I have now been able to see that it was my own vibes who caused most of the issues.

However there is still one issue I'm stuck on, and I'm hoping this forum will help me figure out how I attracted it.
But that probably belongs in a separate post.
For now I just wanted to say HELLO to everyone

Want to follow my progress blog?
Fanny's LoA

1/15/2018 11:04 am  #2

Re: Hello

Welcome to the forum.

"Self-abandonment. That is the secret. We have to abandon ourselves to the state, in our love for the state, and in so doing live the life of the state and no more our present state. And to make the state alive, one must become it."

Neville Goddard ~ The Law and the Promise

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