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3/19/2024 3:16 pm  #1

living alone- powerful happy experience

once a upon a times, it came to me as an shock! cz of traditional family + pampered.
i simply guidelines, self img ... life changed!
realized others in building look at me strongest girl. negative people out of my life
no irritations, manifested a kitten ! lot of happy surprises , bonuses started coming.
as an observer learnt a lot about life, family. no one is really happy but was trapped.
enjoyed freedom and .......
i realised now- few yrs-Β 
i am the only doing fabulous in all sectors of life.Β 

jst keep meditating, thoughts of what you want, surround yourself with all you love
clean home, yourself inside out. mirracles happen in life , cant write all here - impossible..Β 
its magic.Β 
i feel blessed to get this stage in life.Β 

ppl troubling me, nvr appreciated- v bad toxic
now show bizz by my name as i am their so and so..........

being powerful, finantally independant is must for all girls ..
just by knowign this , ppl dont trouble u , they cant ...
money and bob proctor changed my life to th best. as self love, loa + lot more..
this is summary. be always positive. life is ours make it happen !Β 

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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