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2/15/2024 9:08 pm  #1

Manifesting money with worry about debt

Hey all!

Been realllly enjoying my teachings from Veronica so far. I feel like I’ve finally found someone who aligned with my chill and spiritual mindset (I got super sick of the recent LOAssump movement that preaches perfectionism and robotic affirming…it felt soulless and tiring).

I’ve manifested a lot of money before, usually from random housesitting jobs or music gigs, but recently I’ve found myself in a cycle of worry over my money and spending because of my credit card debt. I feel worried when I spend or treat myself because I have a sizable amount of debt (just around $3500) and bills to take care of.

For manifesting money, how should I balance the practicality of not spending too far out of my means and running myself into more debt, and getting to the feeling state of feeling like I have more than enough and that spending is fun? I want to create a better current relationship with my debt since it’s here in my reality, but I eventually want to reach an abundance consciousness of not worrying about money and being debt free. I want money to flow freely to me (I’m sure we all do)! Any tips or processes/exercises I can follow to align myself with an abundance consciousness?

Thank you so much


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