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11/22/2023 3:28 am  #1

Protect your happiness

Am writing after long time BECAUSE 3 D is so happy and I also manifested kitten with whom I am enjoying all high vibes of relax air, fun, laughter, joy, shopping etc etc.. Like life is happy life, no trace of dark events.Β 

BUT is very important.Β 

It's my new lesson sharing with all.Β 
Protect your happiness.Β 

It's because not all are happy for your happiness. There are bad souls too. Life becomes clear and unwanted people no longer remain in life, But if you don't follow your things because of which you have cleared your life, then life changes are seen. As it's illision.Β Β 
Our job is just maintain your vibes high to joy, laughter, fun, love.Β 

Happiness also makes energy uncontrolled and it flows too much. Everyone senses your hapiness energetically.Β 
Happiness is huge positive energy and base of manifestation. If it goes to any negative , it's unwanted negativ emanifestation. And when you reach happiness level you have trememdous energy liek a beginner and pro manifestor difference. I have observed that if i am happy enjoying life many times slight decrease in awareness tens to do tiny mistakes like reacting rather than responding etc. And tiny stones are the ones who make the tip of the pyramid what focuses enrgy. So, slwoly tiny things are being shuffles by negativity who don't want yo to success or be happy and it tries to ower your vibes or divert / drain/ defocus your energy.Β 
OR literally, create negative as you are powerful creator this time cz you have created massive positivity and energy within you.Β 

These are also like opposing forces in your mega manifestation wherein there were lot of negativity you had to clear.Or genuine wher ethere's light there's dark, it co exists in nature.Β 

So, be happy. You deserve it after yrs of meditation.Β 
But protect your happiness. to make it focus on only good things that you love or doign good for other ppl.Β 

1 be secrative, not everyone is meant to know your happiness, no need. you donno hidden agenda in their mind.Β 
2. talk less. reaction is sutton , respond only if needed.
3. enjoy and increase momentum of all good things in your life , reach more higher level. So that negativity can't make you are zero if you are 100 but if you are 9 , they can.

when ppl say, can;t be in their daily life though they know manifesting, this is what is happening.Β 
energy is 24*7 and it follows laws 24*7. So be careful. Be happy, jump, dance, paint, craft, laugh and cuddle with your pets BUT be secrative.Β 

I know , this is gona be for everyone
TO live happy life and being powerful creator with god.Β 


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