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11/06/2023 10:55 pm  #1


I have been doing everything I normally do to manifest. Everything that has worked in the past. Now my entire life is falling apart. I have no idea how, I thought I was getting closer not farther away. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been visualizing, scripting, affirmations, Veronica’s manifest anything fast program and I’ve been happy and positive. About three days ago everything just hit me all at once. I’m in the middle of a brutal custody battle, my husband lost his job, we’re about to get evicted, and my health is not good right now. I don’t know what to do. Anyone have some weird technique or were in a similar situation they got out of?


11/11/2023 8:52 pm  #2

Re: Help

First, I'm sorry that things are overwhelming right now.

It's essential to acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to process the challenges you're facing.

It's okay to feel uncertain during a custody battle, job loss, housing issues, and health concerns.Β  It's a lot to handle, and it's important to give yourself the space to breathe and feel your emotions.

Sometimes the Universe has its own timing and plans that we may not fully grasp in the moment.Β  During times of adversity, it's essential to continue your manifesting practices, but with a focus on surrendering the need for immediate results and to judge the how's.Β  Release any attachment to specific outcomes and trust that the Universe is working behind the scenes to align things for your highest good.

Honestly, sometimes things shake up a bit before they get better.Β  So, these new developments could be a blessing in disguise

Consider expanding your manifesting practices to include affirmations or visualizations that emphasize resilience, strength, and the ability to navigate challenges and come out victorious.Β  Surround yourself with a support system of friends who can offer guidance and assistance during this and who support you 100%.

Remember that you have the inner strength to persevere, and while the road may be tough right now, brighter days can still lie ahead.Β  Stay persistent in your manifesting, practice self-care, and keep the faith that things will improve.Β  Your determination means everything.

I would surrender the need to figure it out, and trust whole heartedly that you are still on the path to success.

I believe in you!

Veronica xxoo

Veronica Isles -

11/11/2023 10:33 pm  #3

Re: Help

Thank you for your response. I honestly just gave up on anything getting better and then I got your message today. I’ll start my practice again tomorrow and use your advice. Thank you again

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