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7/26/2023 1:40 am  #1

Manifested Books Absolutely Quick, Cheapest

Hey Lovlies,ย 
Keep Rocking!

So to begin, Subject : Manifested New That I Love, Quick, Cheapest!

background - since 2017 till date, life and me changed too much, way high. Life is now happy, peace, I am master having all knowledge, practicing effortless, living life this way. ofcourse many success stories, many huge volcanoes in life, lots of negativity detox and many ppl out. My life is TOTALLY diif today, I am V HIGH SELF LOVE.

ย 21july 2023 - friday- I felt I wana do something new which was amazing for me! I felt like few yrs back when I met him, that kind of relax, no rules to follow, waw...floating in the air V happy, Lot of laughter in life!

I wanted to focus, persist untill i get "IT" in my reality. I was strongly maintaining my healthy boundries.ย 
A month bfr, I started Dr Joseph Murphy's Prayer Method & Catherine Ponders Receiving Technique so, life became more open. I found I am auto aligned, auto "dettached" from outcome of my MEGA MANIFESTATION.

23 july 2023- SUNDAY - I thought to search second hand german books. I hv few levels done already, I am freelancer now. So thats amazin way to get somehting new cz I love learning constantly. This was great wayof connecting with good ppl too. I searched a web, communicated with one guy.

Mirracle #1 himself called me, told me he got a free german exam and how he got all previledge story I was like, amazing!

I keep checking on myself always, daily. I checked- Am I diverting / defocusing my energy? I said to myself- NO! Cz it's letting go. My inner believes, mental state about my MEGA MANIFESTATIONย  was , I am in dettached state. I am happy, creative, more finantially stronger than before, powerul in all ways and I know its coming. So what am I gona do once mega manifestation here? Ofcourse will do some leanring, meet good people again. cz NOw I am free.. ย  ย  So, I said, great going!

Living life, vvv happy, having my work, happy life (there is an ocean when I say words happy life, in thse 2 wordsย 

25 july 2023 - TUe - evening around 7pm , suddenly I felt an urge to check the books on the same site. I thought, i just checked it, 3 ads were there, I want B1 to C1. These were not there. But I was in light mood, just do somehting tp, it was beautifully raining and wintery ..i was happy, comfy.. So I searched.ย 

Mirracle #2 I got eact advtz posted same day few hrs ago. Books for B1 to C1 level. I pinged Hi, Instat reply Hi. Fellow instantly called me. we were talking like he is knwoing me , like may be my bro's friend kind of.. He said, there are frauds on that site you know? I said, yh really? he told me he denied 2-3 inquiries for this ad in few hrs. we discussed how he qualified, he told me his plans to relacate too. He also bargained his own.ย 
I got 9 books, almost new in the cost of 1 book He said, I will give you extra xerox too that I have. we agreed 50-50% payment. He said, can I send you now? we instantly got a driving partner courier services. He dispatched around 8-830 pm. I got the books in good condition, almost like new + 2 grammar xerox books which are just great !ย  In the rains!!! In the night 10 O'clock , books at my home, doorstep

I am so happy, I got all books I wanted at once, cheapest cost. I said myself will pay extra courier charges. which were negligible. Now, I can work + also study when I want. I am not appearing for exam immediately SO study will be fun, more interactive and more effective too

1. Don't talk to anyone. I didnt tell anyone that I want books. Or I hv plans to buy books or give exams. I got sudden instinct rather.ย 
2. Manifestation comes so quick, effortless.ย 
3. cz I was knowing spiritually, also was checking on myself ; I gtta know instantly I am getting an idea. I said just once, I accept thank you universe.ย 
4. getting books wasnt my priority, i wasn't in need of books at all.ย 
5. i loooooooooove studying so, LOVE force was v strong in this.ย 
6. person i connected , both gave me info. person from whom i purchased were like we know each other, no fomalities. Delievery boy was also like no fomalities... he made a joak .. " books are wet! i was like - what? facial expressions.. he laughed, said- no, he packed well "ย 
7. life is a manifestation. i dodnt do anything, any technique. Thoughts are everything. I knew I got this thought, i accepted it. ( cz today i hv knowledg eof manifesting, energy laws )

happy manifesting everyone..
Do share your stories, let's vibe high

Love & Light


Thanks & Loveย ย โ€‹
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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10/13/2023 11:58 am  #2

Re: Manifested Books Absolutely Quick, Cheapest

Thank you for sharing! I love the takeaways you shared at the end. Really drove home the points. Also, books are amazing ย 


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