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4/09/2020 10:27 am  #1

Universe not helping me to let go or detach???


I am trying to manifest a relationship with a specific person. Every time I try to detach/let my desire go, I am constantly reminded if her in some way. Sometimes it's a video on youtube, a passage in a book, a scene in a movie, etc. It seems like the universe isn't allowing me to let go. Is it something I'm doing subconsciously? Am I getting a sign or signal from the universe? Am I overthinking this? Am I unclear about what letting go is?

Contacting her seems to push her away. It's been very difficult to see her due to the stay at home order because of the virus and I'm afraid that texting her will send the wrong message or push her further away.Β 

She’s been hurt in the past and I'm just trying to gradually show her that she can trust her heart and trust me as well. What is the best way to handle this?

Thank you,



9/05/2023 1:03 pm  #2

Re: Universe not helping me to let go or detach???

Navigating the process of manifesting a relationship with a specific person can seem confusing. The reminders you encounter might not necessarily indicate the universe preventing you from letting go, but rather your heightened awareness and emotional investment in this person. When letting go, it's about releasing attachment to the outcome while still finding contentment within yourself. It's like a balancing act that feels very empowering.

I always recommend to let contact come to you. That way you know it's genuine.

Considering her past hurt, approach the situation with patience. Focus on building trust through consistency, honesty, and understanding. Gradually demonstrate that you're someone she can rely on and confide in.

A foundation of friendship and genuine care will be invaluable, and is a great basis of romance.


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