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2/13/2020 8:55 am  #1

How to stop yourself being CHASER

3 steps !
1. Let Go. ( Have more fun. NOT LETTING GO OF DESIRE. + two steps as below) It's a stage of being happy without that int his moment. eg you have him, but he's at office. can't you dance in your room then till he comes back? YOU ARE NOT GONA DIE without him.Β 
2. Your mental Image -It's related with self love. One person you tuber said perfect. If you treat them " omg, i love you like you are a celebrity, they will treat you as their fan " Lol ..... Those who doubted imp of self love, self love v/s ego or on the diff opposite point who are high in ego seeking revenge .. Be like a bollywood heroine in love ( if you are a girl blush to see him looking at you ;) )
Remember, they are feeling you energetically. You are always vibrating & receiving response. You have to be in this STATE and see yourself, feel it ( Neville-My fav) , hear it, day dream that he is in love with you like cute romance Β 
No one is needy, dominating, running, chasing That's perfect relationship. ( Live in the end- Neville.)
Those who find diff being in state , this point will assist.
3. STORY - what's your story? that's stopping you from getting love/commitment/marriage.Β 
Mentally re-write, see yourself in that charachter. Don't see the story ( though true) as you are victim.Β 

For any help, I do free audio calls on Zoom.Β 
Just for spreading positivity. God bless you all

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7/01/2023 9:05 am  #2

Re: How to stop yourself being CHASER

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