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4/20/2020 6:09 am  #1

self love, security & funny shocking realization

Love you all...

I attended online ladies stuff and rather got disturbed.Β 
If you are SECURE in your relationship, aren't you stretching yourself for excess of being emotionally independent by self love? Pls' accepting each other what we are. just see, two people are match. made by god.Β 
We may find, our neighbours or sm couple is mad. BUT they enjoy that madness. we don't match their vibes.Β 

So scientist couples, doctor couples, actor couples enjo with their diff concept of ENJOYMENT

It's not alwys, work on yourself and get him / her in your life. IF IT EXISTS in between both of you, IT EXISTS>.
If doesn't exists, you are forcefully getting your not best in your life. WHY to do so?

It's the one who matches with your vibes, your concept of love, communication, being crazy, enjoying nature or technologies whatever. Can't you handle normal no talks as genuine and making big issue? WHat are you THINKING at the back of your mind? I will meditate and be secure? means why are you not secure NOW if you are fighting?Β 

No one is perfect. It doesn't come to your security always when you dont talk.Β 

Don;t stretch yourself so much. be what you are = that's the role of self love.Β 
then you will attract best match cz u remain in your natural vibe frequency.Β 
I am coaching professionally too, Hit me & just be YOURSELF

LAUGH, SLEEP, READ, SAY NO to sm project giving MONEY if you dont wana work today. They can't force you for MONEY !!!! LIVE your life. Hugs


Thanks & Love  ​
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6/02/2023 8:46 am  #2

Re: self love, security & funny shocking realization

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