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9/10/2020 9:12 am  #1

It has finally happened!

I have been dating this amazing guy. He texts me a lot, hugs me, takes me out on amazing dates
and wants to spend all his time with me.Β 
Initially, I felt bad because he told me he was thinking about us and how we should move further.
But I kept the faith, listened to Veronica Isles's youtube videos and started feeling more positive and focused.Β 
Once I realized I am my own happiness everything started falling into place. I am amazing and anyone would be lucky to have me as their girlfriend. I know my worth.Β 
Turns out this conversation was the thing our relationship needed most! We now finally communicate as a loving couple. We know finally have a label. I am his girlfriend and he's my boyfriend! He has met my father and we have a skyping session scheduled with my mom. Also, his parents changed their minds and really want to meet me.Β 
I've never felt so happy. Thank you!Β 


5/12/2023 10:04 am  #2

Re: It has finally happened!


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