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9/08/2020 10:55 am  #1

What if they don’t have your phone number yet?

Hello! So I’ve been working on manifesting a specific person. This time compared to the other times in the past I have full confidence in myself and feel like I am enough, which is important. My specific person is someone who comes into my place of work periodically who also happens to live in the neighborhood (I work in a downtown area) and I see him around often walking his dog.

So far I feel like it’s definitely working, slowly yet surely! We’re slowly starting to build more of a rapport with eachother and I would often see him staring at me from afar when he comes in (love it!). Anywho, while I do manifest the bigger picture of the two of us being in a relationship, I would like to manifest him asking for my number and asking me out on a date. I see a lot of things and meditations in general to manifest contact, texts, etc. but what if that person doesn’t have your phone number just yet? Any tips? Thanks in advance!!


4/23/2023 8:32 am  #2

Re: What if they don’t have your phone number yet?

Doesn't matter, they can still contact you.  The Universe has magical ways of manifesting.  Life is stranger than fiction, remember that!


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