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1/04/2021 8:55 am  #1

Being 1st best.. about getting call

Happy New Year to All...
After being few yrs in LOA & other .. Here are the results..
I am finding this funny, enjoyable. Little different too..
My brother, parents .. listening to me, calling me though am not talking to & checking my mood !!
Actually, I wana tell all chasers, that we are mostly girls, we are talkatives. I am for sure, with whom I match my wibes. But I love talking. I am very curious, studying different things etc.. Full of excitment. Self Sufficient. [ female friends don't pick call cz they are not self loving, mess in life, can not manage personal life - cooking - time for themselves - think talking to their friend is not important - by this way they keep themselves at not 1st best so their love lif eis also like that , professional life too ! Stay away from such. However, I shared good with 1 of such friend who feels good about me now that I made her realise she needed to talk this and her hubby was trying to change her since yrs but still she can not.. but feels better after talking to me. This is diff case but read & choose friends wisely . All is vibrational games. ]

So I enjoy calling few in my free time, not when am busy. I was this right before coming into LOA & other knowledge.Β 

So, Others are pampering you so much, unexpected. Feels surprised! Simply when you do affirmations for yrs not for this particular thing. For getting your job / ex back.. But it reflects in all aspects of your life.Β 

And you know what, my point of you is - about calling someone..
1. I am doing what I want. When I want.
Receiving calls feels like - less excitment for me.Β 

I think this can also be breakthrough for many of you, trying to get someone's call.Β 
Cz, receiving has diferent way of looking at it... You may be in toilet .. lol...
you may be in facepack... may be coming out of bath and wana enjoy moisturizers..
You wana enjoy " THAT" time with yourself / in playing games or whatever. And so, you don't feel that excitment of receving call. Other person has a purpose of calling, you go to the alert stage that - what is it now?

May be your ex is like this. I feel sooooo fun, enjoyment when I call someone. Cz I make that atmsph.. like my schedule is set with evening walk and I am gona talk to enjoy walk, trees, nature, twinkling stars, fresh air and calm late evening turning into the night.Β 

I enjoy calling. I don't receive calls with much excitment.Β 
Though my ofc collegues, parents, bro... NOOOOOO !!
Even my phone-friends. I receive only delievery boy's call when I know my favourite courier is coming today & I know I will get call from un-saved number ... Can't wait to unbox..

Crazy, but this is true.Β 
Try this..apply..... Play bit video games & sing when alone.Β 
That's it. You won't feel desperation of receiving ex's call

Good Luck,
Happy New Year to All

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Thanks & Love  ​
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4/16/2023 5:39 pm  #2

Re: Being 1st best.. about getting call

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