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2/10/2021 4:17 pm  #1

Wanna hear Success Stories with Manifestation of Specific Person

Hello Manifesters,
I manifested a lot of things in my life without knowing that LoA existed. One was a rejection from my love for someone else, then I was introduced to the LoA from The Secret.Β 
Then I planned using it to get back my love, it took time for me to get out of the frustration of the rejection. I started learning more about LoA, I visualised me being with my love happily ever after.Β 
I could sense "LACK" in my earlier conversations but as time progressed I lost the lack, all I get is positive vibes. So deep down I feel that I was sceptical about LoA and hence I asked Universe for any signs to know whether I was on the right path. Guess what?
From the next day, my texts were never ignored, I was stalked on social media and so on.
But after seeing all those signs, my logical mind said that I was making fool out of myself. Right after that thought, I had difficulties in visualising, I still visualise but lost my confidence like before, there are ON and OFFs.
I feel motivated when I read success stories. So please I ask you to help out with your suggestions to get back my love.
Everyone's desires are manifested.
It is done.
Living in the End.
Positive Vibes to all out there.Β 
Thank You all and,
Thank You, Universe.


4/16/2023 5:38 pm  #2

Re: Wanna hear Success Stories with Manifestation of Specific Person

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