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3/03/2021 4:27 pm  #1

Busy Having fun - Daily Positivity Blurbs

Wednesday 3rd MarchMood - Fun loving, and happyToday I choose to get busy having fun. Fun... Yes, life is fun. Always fun...I love to do things that are fun and things that make me smile or laugh. Things that get my happy feelings flowing nicely. Fun this morning when I woke to my doggie stretching next to me, and the cuddles that followed. Fun making notes for my next blog post (3,6,9 … watch this space)Fun fun funDoing a fun rampage is good fun.What else is fun today? Walking in the park with my doggie. People laughing and having fun. A runner whose dog was galloping away next to him, a big smile on both their faces. Fun! Everyone has fun. Life’s for nothing less. Life is for enjoying and so fun is at the top of my agenda. I wasn’t the only one busy having fun. Fun when I saw my little doggie chasing a squirrel up a tree, and when the little robin that lives in that part of the park came hopping out to greet me. The smile on Massive’s face when he came running back when I called him. Having a whale of a time! Then there were lovely cuddles from another dog. Jenson dog I call him. A beautiful old old soul, who plods around the park, as happy as anything with his owner. He always spots me and comes over for big cuddles and lots of fuss. (The dog, not the owner that is). It could be that he thinks he is also getting a sneaky little treat from me, even though his owner knows full well, I was so happy to see him today. And that he knows me too, More fun… What else? Laughing at some great posts on Facebook today, and joining in with some of them, and catching up on a bit of Sarah Millican (now she is fun! On my list of desires and I will be off to see her as soon as possible) and a bit of Judge Rinder. Always guaranteed a laugh. Oh and back to Massive, he has had a fun day himself. Playing with me and his squeaky snake, nicking my socks and running off with them, rolling around like a complete loony.. This is why Massive and I get on soooo well. My best ever furry friend he is. Fun… It brings about many feelings. 

  • Happiness

  • Excitement

  • Joy

  • Pleasure

  • Enjoyment

  • Contentment

  • Gratitude

I woke up determined to make sure that today I had funSo far so good! The Law of attraction has got this. It’s picking up on my fun vibration. Knowing this is something I want more of, and sending me bundles of fun things back at me. My walk with Massive this evening will be fun. Instead of walking around my neighbourhood, we are going out to the chemist, and a great local park there, before I have decided on a chippy tea. That's soon though.In the meantime, he is snuggled up asleep next to me letting me write. I reckon he is busy having fun in his dreams as his little legs are twitching away. I’ve got this!!! What a fantastic feeling just knowing. Knowing that if i want more fun, then the secret is to have fun now. If I want positivity, then be positive now. And if I want joy then the secret is to find joy now. I’ve got this! Fun it is thenWith no idea what I was going to write about today, the word fun just jumped out at me. Listening to my ideas, my inner voice and instincts the pen got picked up and a fun fun rampage started flowing. I love having fun. Being young at heart, having a smile for others, and being able to laugh and smile myself. You couldn’t really ask for a better life, when the law of attraction is involved (which of course it always is), and you have the trick of watching your feelings and vibrations, to be able to attract back the best of what you want. What I want. Every day, the law of attraction brings me more and more! Thank you.So I will carry on being busy having fun. Day after day after day.  I am doing one of the things I love to do the most, with my favourite furry friend next to me, in the comfort and warmth of my home. When I have fun I enjoy myself. When I enjoy myself, I smile knowing that I am attracting back more stuff to enjoy. More stuff to smile over. There is no such thing as luck. Good or bad. It’s what you make it. What you expect, and believe in and what you are attracting back with your vibrations. Anyway enough for now. All I can say is I hope you are having a fun day. Much love as always Eve xx  

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Much love x


4/16/2023 4:59 pm  #2

Re: Busy Having fun - Daily Positivity Blurbs

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