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10/23/2020 12:00 pm  #1

Thought transmission ? You feel tempted?

In my case, we are going through many stages - my mental stages of progress
I realised, saw - His feelings, support for me in various incidences. (After reconnecting.. am speaking all this)
Then I felt and understood - Yes, I am his 1st best. He will call me & say what I wanted- I trust him.ย 
He does so much, still why don't I believe on this?

Then today 5th day ;) I am happy, without texting him. Busy with work, positive. Repelling negative thoughtsย 
strongly. That tried to make me low vibe or spoil home atmosphere. Then after this happened - Repelling bad thoughts - I calmed and saw 1 of my friend texted his native place saying she was there... ! I said, OMG! I am aligned , congrats to myself, i did this !!! I then felt temptation, to tell him. But I am still -- controlled.ย 

Is this is thought transmission?
Who else than him, will try to tempt me to call him? Take initiative?
Anyone experienced same? Do share your experiences too... and what you did to succeed?

Aim is break this repetitive cycle and I KNOW
ONCE only I have to do thisย 
Then all is set, I am the 1st bestย 

What I am doing is kinda like filtering bad thoughts..
write on paper , OK- i thought of doing this
Say to myself, ok. I wont do it now, I wont react now..let's see...... will do it later if i feel...

And for filtering bad thoughts,
I write and burn that paper.ย 

I congratulate myself for evening time extreme well handled situation. With breathing, just not reacting,ย 
being aware of my energy and said - i wont give my energy to anything else. NO- I wont talk, won't react.ย 
Thanks to all gods for this. And as I was being calm, instantly saw his native place name----ย 
I said, " yey, back to alignment. "

If he's forcing me, and If I can hold myself -- He will call up and this cycle will break finally !!
wish me good luck all Thanks in advance

happy manifesting allย 

Thanks & Loveย ย โ€‹
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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4/16/2023 9:20 am  #2

Re: Thought transmission ? You feel tempted?

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