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8/11/2021 10:02 pm  #1

SP who’s a friend/ help

Hi! Okay so i have a SP who lives in another state. Recently his grandma was diagnosed with a terminally ill. So he reached out ( we talk pretty much everyday on the phone/FT) and be basically said “hey I’m sorry if I’m distance this happened and I’m sorry if it’s you putting in more work. I don’t want to lose you or our friendship”.

So my question is even thought i view this person romantically - they are my friend. Am i allowed to reach out? Because typically anyone in my life going thru this type of grief I’d reach out to
It’s weird because the last week or two they’ve been a bit more distant. Less FaceTime calls, and txt message, and i was wondering how i could be helpful but also atyrwct this person.

Thanks for any help!


4/12/2023 6:53 am  #2

Re: SP who’s a friend/ help

I'm sorry his grandmother is sick.  I would allow all romantic contact to come to you.  But, if you want to send words of support as a friend, that is ok too.  Just don't do it with any sort of attachment.


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