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2/10/2021 11:15 am  #1

Shocking success story about parents, work collegue!

Contrast was builded when my love affair came into light .. Lol
( only positivity is shared , so contrast word.)
Now, I cannot believe it my parents celebrating my birthday..cooked and brought all my favourite food
ALL !!!Β 

I am doing Neville.. Once I felt good family..
but now..after 2-3 days max after my doing it..
it's now soo good like i donno how to handle! I am calm, not reacting much happiness too..
careful not to give them powers / anyone powers again to spoil good that I created..maintain peace and love..

But I am so much surprised now..Β 
I can not do it yet with my SP totally... I honestly confess
I manifested so much..on this journey from myself changed TOTALLY to all my life ..

Still.. though we hv knowledge we tend to do something to get things quicker.. Lol
SO I text him or I am not " I AM " , high self love with him...

It comes yar...
Instantly.. And you donno , you are surprised like OMG>.!!! Really !!
Now how to talk to them..!!
Here, I did Neville..Entered into the STATE ..felt all happy familyΒ 
Another one my work collegue..
I just told decently when she talked non sense that she has no time to talk when it was about work, her bad language in email.
I said, time is imp too.. I will decide to work or no...calmly.Β 

I cut the call.Β 
I got instant call back.. I cut.
Then she texted me 4-5 lines of sms explaining how she is busy and she will take care of writing good email language specially for me !Β Β 
Here, It is my self love that is projecting in all sectors of my life. And people be good, decent only with you.
I didnt do anything for this.Β 

This is new for me..But when do it for good, it is good!Β 
unbelievable !

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4/09/2023 11:30 am  #2

Re: Shocking success story about parents, work collegue!

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