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3/11/2021 6:15 am  #1

Law of Attraction Gratitude List Example. Daily Positivity Blurb

Sunday 7th March

Good morning all.

I am thinking a bit of law of attraction gratitude is on the cards today. 

Today, I feel good. In fact, I don’t feel good, I feel wonderful. So, I think some gratitudes are in order for the start of my weekend…
Plus giving my reasons why I am thankful just to get my feelings flowing nicely and the positive momentum going.
Today I am feeling thankful for: 
1.   The beautiful blue sky outside and a big yellow ball in the sky. This is a lovely sight and instantly lifts not just mine, but other people’s spirits. It helps put a smile on people’s faces. This gives me a buzz.
Thank you! 
2.  My garden looks even better than last time to sit out in. This I am so thankful for, that the work is getting done. Sitting out in the fresh air is one of my favourite things to do, and my nice garden is perfect. It is so relaxing and peaceful.
Thank you!
3.    My friends, both in the block I live in, and all the others that keep in touch regularly. It’s thanks to things like social media that I have carried on with many friendships that have survived over 40 years. I know that I can talk to any one of them instantly, and this gives me a lovelyloving feeling.
Thank you!
4.    My besties who I can go years without seeing as none live near to me. Nothing ever changes there though. Our friendships don’t even skip a beat. They mean so much to me, and I love that we all have unconditional love. Knowing our friendships are this solid gives me that warm fuzzy feeling again and a secure feeling. I have simply the best friends.
Thank you!
5.  Nissan. Yes I know it’s a strange one but, this morning I had a letter come through for a recall on Nissans. I guess my old gal of a car was one that needed it. This means I get someone round to mine, to fit a brand new airbag on the passenger side. All for free. I am so thankful for this, as, as positive as I am, this could have led to bad stuff.
Thank you!
6.    To my doggie for alerting me earlier that the downstairs fence panel was about to take off in the wind. They’ve moved out and the panel wasn’t secure. My doggie heard it crashing about when I didn’t and I was able to get out there, detach it completely and lay it down out of the wind. Thankful? Very. The wind was blowing it right in the direction of my kitchen or bathroom window.
Thank you!
7.    My ideas I have had today. Several notes have been jotted down for our Best Law of Attraction eBooks when they come out. And they will. That’s a promise! I am thankful because my creative side was slowing down, but recently; and especially after starting these blurbs it has taken off again. This makes me smile, feel excited, and so thankful to every reader of this blog, every subscriber, Facebook group member and Instagram followers. This means the world to me and any achievement is every step is a step closer to my goals.
Thank you!
8.   My grocery shopping delivery, arriving half an hour earlier than expected. This was great as I was indoors. It was due between 9 and 10, and at 8.30 the bell went. I was just taking a break from writing and making some room for the food so perfect timing. It also meant I could sit and type up today’s notes with no disruptions. This gave a great feeling of satisfaction.
Thank you!
9.   My food for the week, all safely stored in the cupboard, fridge or freezer. Plenty of lovely meals to choose from, and new ideas for things to cook. I am grateful I am in a position to have enough money to buy my food and other things. I always have enough each month. This gives me a feeling of abundance. For this, I say a huge…
Thank you!
10.  The fact that we have had a very windy and very wet day here, but my doggie and I have a lovely home, which is cosy especially in this sort of weather. We can relax at home, and keep warm and dry. So I am thankful for my home. It gives me feelings of relaxationcomfort and security. And to top it all, despite the weather, on our two walks out today, the rain stopped as we were leaving and restarted once in. A double big thank yous here!
Thank you!

So there I have it. My top 10 gratitudes for the day and life in general and some lovely feelings that accompany them.
Today’s Law of Attraction Gratitude List Brings Me:
Warm fuzzy feeling
Unconditional love and being loved 

Best Law of Attraction says:So now my point of view from a normal blog post side of it all. Writing our gratitudes like the example above has double the power. Anyone can write loads of things they are thankful for and yes this will get the feelings positively flowing. However, if you are writing them down, along with the first feelings you think of that you associate with each gratitude, you get a double whammy impact. Booom!

The more you can feel grateful/thankful for what you have got, in other words, what you have manifested, the easier your future manifestations will be. Look at the old scenario, of saying to kids “if you don’t look after and appreciate that you won’t get any more”. Well, this is exactly the same. If you appreciate and are thankful then you will more good stuff. And vice versa. Your choice

.Give it a go. I used to write them every day and I will probably return to that at some point, but for now… It’s all going in the now book then on here.,I hope you can use the above example to give yourself your own ideas, Just aim for 10 a day to start with, and get those feelings going.

They can be about absolutely anything so get that law of attraction gratitude attitude flowing.

Don’t forget to share this with others, to help them get their gratitude attitude going too.
For now, until next time…
Much love Eve xx
For more daily blurbs and blog posts check out Best Law of Attraction

Eve from Best Law of Attraction at Why not pop in and say hello!
Much love x


4/04/2023 9:48 am  #2

Re: Law of Attraction Gratitude List Example. Daily Positivity Blurb

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