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4/06/2022 12:26 pm  #1

Is this Birds Before Land?

Hello guys. I'm new here.

So i have watching so many coaches from LOA and Law of Assumption on youtube. So i started to affirm for my sp since january last year. We were like best friends, and we dated for 1 year.

So, i started to affirm for her,in January last year,  well in march last year i was watching Sammys Ingram video on youtube and i saw a girl with the same name and same last name of my sp in the comment section in one of her videos(of course its not the same girl but her last name its not  very usual.

About 2 weeks later a lot of people started to ask me about her but then i got frustrated cause i wasnt seeing any movement in the 3d. 

I get very anxious lately when i affirm or when i visualize her. I just dont know what to do, what am i doing wrong?

Any help or advice please. I really miss her like crazy.


3/27/2023 3:18 pm  #2

Re: Is this Birds Before Land?

I would try to calm the anxiety and get to a place of abundance and love.

That's great that people started to ask you about her.

But, your self concept says it all.

So, be the person who is already fulfilled by the relationship.

Have confidence in who you are.

Stop missing her, let her miss you.


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