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3/04/2018 7:22 pm  #1

Rose’s Journey: Awareness

Hello beautiful balls of energy. So I felt like I should post my journey with everyone. I know I am a creator because I created so many things already. But I firstly wanted to start with awareness. Get myself to start with being self aware. So that I can be more conscious when creating. I do too much on default and end up feeling stuck a lot. I fed my mind too much negativity and now am feeding it positivity. My goal is to unlearn everything I was conditioned with and to go back to my core.

As creators we influence everything around us and it all comes from within. Everything around us is energy and we hold such great power inside ourselves that ties into everything. We are energy, so with that everything is connected. I remember reading somewhere that perspective plays a huge role when it comes to people we come in contact with. There will be this one person you carry a perspective with that someone else will carry a completely different perspective from you. Thus, you both have different experiences with that same person.

With that knowledge it allows you to have further insight that your specific person is only acting on the perspective of them that you carry. My specific person definitely reflects my perspective of him to me. I carry the limited belief that his feelings match mine, but he is too scared to be with me again because of past problems, yet at that same time he cannot let go of the feelings he has for me. He has all the things I got him displayed in his room and even asked me for my old phone back because of the memories. That phone was around when we first dated and I know his feelings with me are strong. I feel silly for getting mad when he said he plans on moving to another country the moment he started taking meds.

I know that people change their mind and I do not plan on convincing him to stay. His love for me will triumph and we will be together. In my mind we already are together, happily married and being wonderful creators together. I had many dreams where we both ran a business together and once we wanted to do a podcast together. We had a little fall out a few days ago, but it didn’t take him long to warm up to me. I just need to be more aware of myself to create more consciously.


3/05/2018 11:56 pm  #2

Re: Rose’s Journey: Awareness

I want to have some discussions on my journey about thoughts that come to mind. So I have always been a daydreamer ever since I was little, and when I was little I was more in my inner world than my outer world. My question is do daydreamers really escape reality or are they creating their own reality by daydreaming?

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5/31/2022 6:52 pm  #3

Re: Rose’s Journey: Awareness



2/11/2023 5:55 pm  #4

Re: Rose’s Journey: Awareness

I feel they are creating their reality by daydreaming. I was an avid daydreamer as well. Not all of them came true (which is good because my daydreams were not always positive!). But the big important elements of them came true. Like getting a car all paid for. It was just a side element of the daydream and not something I expected to happen, but it still became one of the main things in the daydream that manifested. 


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