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12/20/2018 12:30 am  #1

Extremely useful for all Manisfestations / after Manifestations done!

Greetings !

I am here to share some thing that's gona be important for all of you.
1. In any situation 
2. Pre/Post/During Manifestations

I am greatful to god being really multitalented & top most in various disciplines,
blessed with many skills, talents & am really entchanted powerful soul. 
Sharing this to all for the goodness & being aware of my duties. 

Theme: About being AWARE. 

If you can be aware, live in awareness & at any energy dropouts you can read this,
you will immediately accelerate your energy fall, stop further chain of unwanted events,
live everyday in any situation with peace. 

After my studies of many years, I am sharing this Morning Ritual. 

How to Use:
Write in Diary. Paper Only. Very effective. Read every morning, before starting your day. 

1. Every positive thought gives positive outcomes/ Manifestations
2. React to any negative situation calmly. Dont React- Jst Respond. 
3. NEVER believe in any single  negative thought. 
4. Pain is 'cz you believe which is NOT TRUE.
5. If No results  of manifestations : You Still have Resistance within.
Solution : Be thnakful for all you have now. Leave that. = Letting Go.
6. No conflict with ANYONE.  ( Increases negativity >> Negative outcomes ) 
Solution : ESCAPE situation. eg. cut the call, close room door, dont TALK at that Moment.
7. Change YOURSELF >> You WILL see 3D- WORLD around you CHANGES. 
Tomorrow is different , changed. cz Only CHANGE is constant. 
8. Dont RESIST !! any negativity.
Solution : Let negativity ( moment) pass quickly. ref. point 6
9. DON'T EVER have : Fixed opinions, judgements about anyone . anything.
10. RESISTANCE = sufferings. But ALLOW  it to pass = Quick escape. 
11. BE AWARE & BE HERE, NOW !!!!
Explaination :  ( Old thoughts, future fears .. dont think. Read these points. Be here in this moment. You are creating !!! )
12. Don't Tell anyone, before manifestation comes in the 3 D world.  ( No siblings, friends , hubby , bf )


Surely this will DEFINITELY change your Life. Mornings, Starts !
Thanks to my dear Gods, Godessess, Universe for getting this done from me. 
Fel free to PM me , if anything else needed.. ! 

Lots of Love. 


Thanks & Love  
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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1/19/2023 9:56 am  #2

Re: Extremely useful for all Manisfestations / after Manifestations done!

Thank you!


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