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3/17/2021 5:08 am  #1

physical appearance

Hi, i wanna ask do we really need to take physical actions to change our physical appearances like to loose weight and to get in perfect well toned shape of body, Do we really need to do workouts/ exercises or we just change our body's shape by our mental diet?


10/03/2022 5:52 am  #2

Re: physical appearance

Hello, I think that you do have to take physical action, but it all starts in the mind and visualization is a big part of that. What the mind conceives, the body believes! Think about it - Olympic athletes use visualization to do "practice runs" before their race, but they also train really hard. I think you need both to be healthy in mind and body.


2/04/2023 2:51 pm  #3

Re: physical appearance

Hi Amita, it depends on each person and their belief systems. The universe works with whatever your own belief system is. For most, we are conditioned to believe that we must workout and have a good diet to lose weight.

But as Chrissie said, the thought must come first. And through that is born INSPIRED ACTION. And so you will WANT to workout, or you will be led to workouts that you LOVE and enjoy vs ones that you don't. Ones that bring you better and faster results for your body vs. ones that don't.Β 


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