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8/03/2021 1:18 pm  #1

Hey.. Am attracting love ! :)

Hi All
Love to all

I have been here since my begining of all this.. few yrs now..
I attracted last 2 days successively red rose , came at my dining table
Today, I got an email with subject  Confession : I Love you xxxx (my Name)

Attracting Rose, Such subject lined email.. is all great sign that I am Love 
I am so happy and thankful, excited to share this positivity to all

What you see, people-thoughts-words-other things around you.. All is you are attracting. 
I am so happy, to reach this level and feels too good ;)

Edit : Next day to this , red heart shape baloon seller front of my gallery, never ever in all yrs since am staying at this place, also pink cotton candy with it  
Happy Manifesting 

-- oct 6, 2021 updates-------

Magical experiences, attracting people who are telling me with words
I am beautiful, I have lovely personality & praising me !! Face to face..
Not just one, many such people like 7 yrs later connected 2nd cousing talking to me like we are best sisies ;)
Love is so much around me. Manifested free laptop on extreme contrast event!
I see this now as a transition towards my manifestation! 

1. meditate
2. don't change your mental image in contrast, it changes
3. get grounded in your energy.. script and read your desire reality. This is the only reality.
4. anything happens, write on paper. burn all unwanted, negative. 

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Thanks & Love  
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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10/01/2022 3:25 pm  #2

Re: Hey.. Am attracting love ! :)

Helpful. Thank you!


2/04/2023 2:53 pm  #3

Re: Hey.. Am attracting love ! :)

Thank you, Kute! 


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