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6/19/2018 12:57 pm  #1

Manifesting success with two animals!

This'll be long since it's two stories. So I was thinking about it the other day and said to myself, I should share the story of how I came about two of my current pets that I have. II know it can get frightening when we're NOT in a good place, that we think we're not going to get our manifestation.

I figured I would share these two stories with you because I wasn't in a good place. I was hoping it would inspire those who get down about their results not showing up quickly or they cling to their ideas and then get worried, only to stress themselves out.

I manifested my two current pets when I was still grieving for the loss of the ones I had before. I lost my female parakeet some years ago and couldn't bring myself to take down her flight cage. I convinced myself I may get another one, but I wasn't entirely in it. I think the biggest part is I really didn't care if I got the manifestation because I was broken from the loss of the other. So I didn't cling to the idea. But I was very much in the grieving state when I pictured myself having a white parakeet. I think one of those times I was even still in my sad crying state, lol. Now, it's rare to find one so I don't know HOW I got it in my mind to choose that. I sorta implemented the whisper technique without knowing what it was about. Just imagining my mother buying me the parakeet as a gift months later. I imagined it being a white one, even looked them up online. I focused really hard on it (visualization of having it), but at the end of the day I didn't really care. Eventually I was like, eh. Less than a few months after my parakeet had passed my mom shows up with one of those small animal boxes from a pet store. Said she just felt like stopping in there, saw a bird getting picked on, and couldn't leave without bringing it (her) home. She's not all white, she's got a touch of baby blue on her cheeks and under her wings, but yes I got my white parakeet.

My second pet (red doberman) came 6 months after I lost my eldest dog. Despite the time, even now it's still hard and it's been a few years after I lost her. So again, I was not in a very good state as that particular loss was beyond hard. I'd dreamt of a male red doberman and that spurred me into thinking about getting a red male Doberman. Part of me was aware I could manifest it, but there's always that doubt for me. My focus was definitely more so on visualization. Once in a while I would joke about when I got my red doberman. Not sure why I chose that anyway since blacks are my love. I think it took a couple months and then out of nowhere my mom had shown me a link for a litter of doberman pups. I didn't even know she'd been looking as I again, didn't much care about the outcome (we all know how powerful that part is) and knew eventually I'd get another large dog for protection. I wanted a boy and all those pups happened to be red. But when I laid eyes on this one girl, I saw my other dog in her which wasn't even a Doberman. I knew - that one is mine. There was a lot of struggle, bad moments, and negativity in those next few months, but deep down inside I knew she was mine and would come so finally I threw my hands up and let the universe bring her or another to me, tearfully might I add, haha. Around my birthday, a little over 6 months after the loss of my other, I had a red doberman. Only it was a girl. (She's sleeping at my feet, celebrating her 2nd birthday today actually.)

I think part of manifestation comes outside of us. The universe is also showing and hinting to us what we CAN have, which is why we begin to manifest those things. We deep down know it's ours and the idea is implanted from outside of us and then we take the seed and build it. Somewhere in us there is that connection already, we're just heightening it and throwing our "yes, I want that universe, thank you!" into it. That's why sometimes the manifestations comes so fast or slow. The universe knows it's ours and the delivery man is trying to ring the bell, but we're the ones doubting and slowing the process, being afraid to open that door until the time is right for us to accept it - that time depends on each of us. Like right now, I'm bringing back my SP, but if he showed today? I'm not sure what I'd do. haha I might need a few more days of prep on myself before I can accept that and open that door to the universe saying, okay I'm ready, dressed, and thank you - you may come in! :DΒ 

Anyway, hope that helped for those of who (like me sometimes) get lost in your head with worry over thinking any bad thoughts or fears or panic will stop the process. My biggest lesson is that I didn't really care if I got it or not, but I never really detached from much else. I did it more as a game than "I have to have that!" which I believe is what really helps. That's why I love Veronica's vids. She points out nobody is always happy. Just don't stress. If that idea is inside of you and it was something you want, you're going to get the manifestation. In time. But if you had it in your head to manifest it because you wanted it? That was the universe saying it was yours. The real letting go is not really caring if you get it. You'd prefer it to the alternative (illuminating joy on youtube gave me that great nugget), but you don't need it. I try to remind myself that a lot.


9/30/2022 12:55 pm  #2

Re: Manifesting success with two animals!

Awww. I love this. I think my pets manifested me! :o)


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