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8/13/2021 3:11 pm  #1

Dr Joseph Murphy :) I am starting now.. :)

I am in this since few yrs now. Biggest fan, lover, student, follower of Neville. You all will find many posts of mine on Neville. I recently came across Dr Joseph Murphy's audios on You Tubes. When you learn and are throught with 1 teacher god sends yout o other one. Like that, After living-Neville Way, I became excited about him when I listened small 4 min. audio initially. His words, loving attitude is really what I loved, like my Grandfa
Definetly, his words are different and we get different ideas, knowledge, diff sparks lit in ourselves after listening to many teachers as their ways , words of speaking are different. Like reading same record, we get diff knowledge every time I find great resonance with him and gona continue. 
Remember, point is- keep listening, attracting,doing,seeing,talking high-vibe to be aware in present moment. 
As you get more knowledge, you become more emotionally controlled automatically. Like Bob Proctor says it's universal law governing this so just relax, visualize and it gave me confidence being a medical student , science student is very simple lanugage for me to trust, relax, feel good. 
Dr Joseph Murphy, has different stories in his lectures, diff affirmations that am enjoying now. Like we listen Nevilles success stories ..more to that. 

Everyone has their way, they believed themselves and did it. And shared with others. only those whom god choses, attract these knowledge so we should be free to share our experiences and contribute our own methods, experiences, success, our own way of telling people to enrich this field. Listening to legends like all these itself is very very awesome! It really made me more positive in this "in between period" of getting desire in our reality  - how to be positive, not think negative when I listen to BOB Proctor, his laws of energies. 

It's way of living life. It's honestly not to get you ex-back only. I am very thankful to god that I am getting exactly what's needed for me, keeping me positive, legends resonating with me coming to me .. Such a blessing!

New Tips for those who are reading this ( It's a combo of many teachers am studying )
1. Nothing is BIG or SMALL manifestation. It's your low vibe making that BIG manifestation. All is energy. Do it! 
    Visualize, Feel.. It comes, because it is govern by universal law. What you want is already yours, it's very easy
     to get. Universe, Energies simply understand laws and energies. Manifesting Banglow, Rose FLower,
    1 Millions $, Ex Back, Wedding with SP all is same for the universe. It's energy. That's it! 
2. Control your mind. Keep thinking only good that you want. Look best, Focus your energy to only what you want. 
    Feel best. That's what you wana do. 
3. LOA is a begining, takes you to Neville Later. For me it was LOA, Neville, IT WORKS ebook, BOB Proctor, 
    Earl Nightingale, Holmes, Nepolian Hill, DrJoseph Murphy this was the journey till date. it is awesome magical 
    begining in your life. Don't cry for your ex, you are getting more rewards, infinite knowledge here.. Ex-Back was
    just to begin wit that made you attract all this knowledge. Enjoy this journey, I am loving it


Thanks & Love
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10/15/2021 11:05 am  #2

Re: Dr Joseph Murphy :) I am starting now.. :)

Exact what I needed ...
What if he comes my door ! What's next target to focus and manifest?

This is living next . If you plan this event,  he MUST show up to your door.
Thanks for the words

RTCal wrote:

To the top.

Due to the short time window - I want to add, that you should make an effort to call even if you do not own the species in question. This is a threat to our hobby; what do you think will be targeted next if they can get their foot in the door on this?


Thanks & Love
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1/19/2022 1:57 am  #3

Re: Dr Joseph Murphy :) I am starting now.. :)

I have read the book "the power of your subconcious mind" written by Dr. Joseph Murphy and it is the book that inspired me to read more books like this and i started reading and know the works of our mind.


7/29/2022 1:25 am  #4

Re: Dr Joseph Murphy :) I am starting now.. :)

crock1 wrote:

is it working?

Definitely ! It's same knowledge in his style as other diff mentors!
This is ONLY Ultimate truth

Thanks & Love
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