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4/01/2020 4:39 pm  #1

My Mindful Poem from my Mindful Walk

Good evening all. Hope you are all well? Another day of lockdown here. Am not sure what day we are on. In fact sometimes, I wonder what the actual day of the week is. But I am actually really enjoying myself. I've been keeping busy doing odd things in my flat, and a bit of weeding in the nicer weather. Obviously also having lots of writing time too. And so today, as we in the UK are allowed to go out for one form of exercise daily, I chose to go for a mindful walk. Great for the body, mind and soul. It was one of the best half hours I have spent in quite a while. The most fulfilling. And from my walk, well, as I walked, I was forming a poem in my mind. I am no poet, I just love to write, but I hope it inspires and/or brightens your day. You can find it here as part of our coronavirus mini-series which I am putting together. Enjoy!   

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Much love x


7/25/2022 8:04 pm  #2

Re: My Mindful Poem from my Mindful Walk

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