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8/11/2019 2:16 am  #21

Re: Angel numbers

Much more timeย  I am looking 333 and 2222. I think this the one of the best way to connect with an angel. If you see this number it provides an enjoyable life for you.
source: 333 angel number


8/11/2019 2:25 am  #22

Re: Angel numbers



12/07/2020 1:15 am  #23

Re: Angel numbers

Much more time I see 5, 55, & 555. So I decided to calculate and found mine is 555 lately. Angel Number 555 urges me to relinquish things that are obsolete that presently don't work for you.ย 


6/08/2021 6:27 am  #24

Re: Angel numbers

Hi, when numbers line up, it meansย synchronicity, it means the Universe is winking at youย
ย  it means your doing a great job with your vibration.ย ย 


6/17/2022 6:27 am  #25

Re: Angel numbers

Wow!ย Never thought of it as this...I'm manifesting these thoughts!ย are absolutely right.ย I have seen them numerous number times and, before I even notice, I believe I'll be able to see it, and I am.ย Yes the manifestation is happening.ย It's feeling good.

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10/01/2022 3:31 pm  #26

Re: Angel numbers

For whitebutterflies11
The repeated numbers are master numbers. So, they amplify the power of the individual numbers in the sequence because they repeat. Here are a couple of examples:
1212 Angel Number
777 Angel Number

When you study the meanings behind the individual numbers, in the tarot, numerology, mythology, etc., then you really get a sense of what the signs can mean for you personally. Good luck!


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