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2/17/2022 12:40 pm  #1

Give it a Try- By Neville :)

Love you all.............. Am super happy! 5 yrs, but landed in very positive atmosphere, lots of negativity in life are clear.
Am in my self loving space...... Am sure now all can understand

What am doing now is...
I know am very positive, following Neville who says, God is within you.Β  Try it! Test it!
It's not for testing......... Thanks and big love to Neville, he changed my life
So I am here... Infinite gratitude.Β 

Manifesting very specific, least needed ..
I am manifesting a friend with a specific name.Β Β 
I will update on forum, once it is done.. let's see..

3-4 times I hv used this name to tease my specific person.
She is my best friend and some story ... just like that..Β 
I decided today, to manifest it.. as if am sensing it..Β 
I AM IN.. Will update hereΒ 

Love you all, happy manifesting

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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3/25/2023 12:58 pm  #2

Re: Give it a Try- By Neville :)

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