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2/09/2022 2:02 am  #11

Re: Honesty

Hi, Its good to be positive on tough times, it looks better.


10/30/2022 7:30 am  #12

Re: Honesty

law help here.


2/04/2023 3:04 pm  #13

Re: Honesty

I'm glad you made this post and I hope it helps many out there, though each person comes to understandings in their own time. I see a lot of people trying to attract their SP - I think they get caught up in what they feel that person represents, and they forget about the essence of what they want.Β 

So they think they want an SP. But really, what they want is a loving relationship with mutual love in return.Β 

They think they want to make someone love them with Law of Assumption, but what they really want is someone who loves them without being forced into it.Β 

When we boil things down to the essence of what we really want, not the package or the method... that's when we start aligning and that's when we bring a partner that is a match to our true desire, as opposed to our ego desire.Β 


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