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11/27/2021 12:45 pm  #1

Manifestation of an offer + IM success + Surrender reached for SP

my progress.. life is at magical moments, ups and downs
manifestation of a beauty subscription box with exact offer of 2 more freebies i wanted, got email on day 2
what i did ..? only once said, thanks universe for 2 freebies on [name] box.

I am 5 yrs in this journey, much changed. still sometimes getting ups and downs, reacting not responding occured cz am still in contrast. intermediatory stage than contrast.Β 
I know what life i want, after wedding. I meditated IAM LOVE, self love.Β 
Now I am feelign this honestl, texted my SP

I want such house, such lifestyle, this is my dressing style
u hv to accpet me what i am.. Cz I KNOW i want this lifestyle.Β 
I AM rather this lifestyle.. what i look, dress, wear, workign style.. its set
it comes from attitude of "umm...lets go sleep... sleepy.. "

I know wnat hubby's hug, celebrating my bdy and surprises
am texting him now, this is wht I want .. pampering myself.

If u can't its ok, i will get ther MAN

am not telling this to myself from authoriative attitude,Β 
I am like this easily ..
intially, he attempted to manipulated me , I suffered a lot


Someone told me some negative issue about him. spiritually ad pracice has been done .. like that
I am saying god, pls gimm my best hubby, i want him , love him.. but u give me my best hubby
if he is the one, god will send him.. why to be scared ?? If god dont want me to deal with this negativity,Β 
god will send other hubby

I realised in whole process of 5yrs, god protected me in all situations
i love god always .. so.. trust god
Doing this will give me the best hubby

I reached this stage that what i want is best hubby (neville said in his lecture, you want happy married life.Β 
I listened, but agree from within now. cz if anything troubling me being with my SP who's not good, it is not making me happy .. I realised Β 
Β )

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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3/25/2023 12:58 pm  #2

Re: Manifestation of an offer + IM success + Surrender reached for SP

Great thoughts!


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