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2/02/2021 10:48 pm  #11

Re: You are possible.

bblc wrote:

bblc wrote:

We've spoken for a very short time in May and August.
We haven't met in person. If he isn't looking for a relationship and believes that distance is a BIG problemπŸ™οΏ½πŸ™‡πŸΏ
Isn't it common to just not bother contacting a kind of person such as...?,

I know itΒ  is waaaay late and I am just getting back into the forum since 3 years ago.
I am still currently trying to attract him, again

You are the only creator in your reality. You are creating 24/7 whether you know it or not. We all are. It can't be switched off. Everybody is you pushed out including the SP. He has no free will in your reality. He can only do what you expect of him. If your expectation of him is that 'he isn't looking for a relationship and that distance is a BIG problem' and 'isn't it common to just not bother contacting a kind of person such as...' you are creating this yourself. He is what you are assuming him to be. He has no choice. Your assumptions of this person have to change and stay changed to what you want them to be if you expect him to change. It all has to happen in your mind first before you will see it in your external experience.

It is only what goes on in your mind that matters. Doing external things like creating a space in your room for him and making vision boards mean damn all if your underlying thoughts are creating a person who doesn't want a relationship with you or with anyone, distance is a BIG problem, etc. These are your thoughts being pushed out. If you want to change this, you've got to choose the thoughts you want to be true and strictly focus only on them no matter what and persist.

It is only 'waaaay late' if you think it is. Time, distance, and circumstances don't matter.

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11/23/2021 4:34 am  #12

Re: You are possible.

this post is very nice thanks for sharing



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