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11/14/2021 3:15 am  #1

Life and Pain

Often, we ask ourselves why we need to go through pain in life. We desire a life free from pain, a life that is defined by nothing but happiness. But is this the kind of life that we really want? What if we gave it a second thought to understand how pain makes life worth living? What if we took a step back to realize that it is by overcoming pain that we can understand what it means to be happy and live a peaceful life? There is a lot to consider here. You might be wondering why pain and suffering are necessary in life and what impact would it leave behind in the lives of millions of people who strive to avoid pain?
Happiness is often defined by the achievements we make along the way. Often, we feel happy and content because we have accomplished our goals. The reality we need to accept is that achieving our everyday goals is never easy. We have to commit ourselves fully into developing new productive habits. This means letting go of habits that we might deem comfortable or habits that prevent us from stepping out of our comfort zones. With this in mind, going through pain might not necessarily mean that one is going through a terrible time. Instead, it is by enduring pain and focusing on your ultimate goal that one emerges stronger on the other side.
The idea here is that pain and suffering can be seen from a positive perspective to mean something that is helpful. It opens people’s eyes into acknowledging the fact that life is made up of all seasons, the good and the bad. Therefore, when going through a tough time, people should remember that it is a normal part of their lives. In other words, it is a phase we all go through. So, the best thing we can do is to learn to endure pain as we wait for the harvesting season where we can enjoy the bliss that comes with life.


7/12/2022 10:40 am  #2

Re: Life and Pain

Great advice, thank you


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