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2/08/2016 3:13 am  #1

Money help!!


I need some help please! My fantastic credit score has been hit big time!!!! My good name is being tarnished. I've been struggling to pay everything for months now! To sum it up I need about $500 Aussie money to get me back on my feet and kind of in the green.
I've done EFT, asking God for help etc etc.

It was so nice to spend Thursday with J and just enjoy myself!!!

I missed out on a job that I really wanted as well

I would love to work again but I keep finding hospitality is quiet atm


2/08/2016 3:30 am  #2

Re: Money help!!

Credit scores don't control your existence. A high CS is just more opportunity to be in debt. Being in debt is not abundance. If you want to be wealthy, ignore credit scores and focus on building wealth instead -- zero debt, and the ABILITY to AFFORD everything in cash, not through loans or CCs.

You make it sound like $500 is hard to earn. Tell yourself it's easy to earn it that you can have it in an hour. 

Take a moment to examine your beliefs about money, getting a job, your career, your industry, and wealth in general. If imagination is limitless, why limit it to a certain amount when you can see yourself having so much more?

The law of attraction attracts to you your beliefs, not what you want. You need to have the right beliefs about money so you can have more of it.

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2/08/2016 3:58 am  #3

Re: Money help!!

Okay so I have just found this.

What I don't want

1. I hated my job
2. I didnt make enough money
3. It’s too far from home
4. The people were very negative
5. My boss didnt appreciate me
6. I dreaded going to work
7. Late night finishes
8. Having to clean the deep fryer and grill

Clarity <3

1. I love my job in a cafe/restaurant
2. I make over $600 a week easy
3. My commute is easy and near public transport
4. My colleagues are friendly
5. My boss is supportive
6. I get excited about going to work
7. I'm like a boss behind the coffee machine and customers love my coffees
8. I work during daytime hours

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2/08/2016 4:21 am  #4

Re: Money help!!

I have been where you are!!
this thing helped me...
i didnt worry about dept but allocated a portion of my income and help of credit agency to take care of debts on payments of was fixed so i need not put my attention to it...
than i started to focus on creating assets for myself...
here is a thing...
what you focus on!!! you get that..
also start playing prosperity game or any abundance feeling in your mind....reprogram your mind to abundance...
once this is ll b minting money in no time!!!
worked wonders for me!!!

she is mine..... she is in love with me.... and i love her unconditionally!!

5/09/2021 1:16 pm  #5

Re: Money help!!

I have a huge dillema. I have two offers.

a consultant, long hours, nice money, big 4

b auditor, government, nice hours, money not bad for the government

Which one should I choose?


10/14/2021 12:15 am  #6

Re: Money help!!

Y'all should check out this very helpful meditation link! ( It has allowed me to manifest some amazing things and I, 100%, can guarantee that it will do the same for everyone else!


10/29/2021 7:46 am  #7

Re: Money help!!



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