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5/17/2021 4:27 pm  #1

Unfortunately returned

Wow. It's been years since I've been here. I never got the ex back all those years ago and honestly I found someone better. Fact is now I'm back trying to get this one. I'm pretty aware of how this works so there's no back story. Past doesn't matter, right? Just looking for help and guidance along the way.
Right, so. I'm not going "overboard" this time. Meaning I realize I failed the previous attempt, because I wasn't letting this process work. I was always visualizing. Trying to push away negative thoughts and bottling them away until I exploded one day and couldn't keep it up. I was doing this process not for me, but for the person I loved. Sound about right?
Anyway now I'm onto a new chapter and hopefully I can "get it right" this time. First thing first. No contact rule. Not really an option. We have a child together. How do you suggest I go about that? Secondly what do I do about the thoughts of her with someone else? Do I just let them be in order to stop getting an emotional reaction, or do I use every fiber of my soul to banish them? Well here I am again people. Please help me whenever possible


5/17/2021 7:13 pm  #2

Re: Unfortunately returned

Right. I get that, but all these emotions get to me. I'm affirming my strength every day, but it's difficult. I also work at a boring job where my mind runs rampant. I also don't want to just shut the thoughts out, because I feel that will only make it worse.
I was also finally able to achieve a neutral space today. Im not super enotional, just kind of whatever. Dis goood, right?

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5/18/2021 8:23 am  #3

Re: Unfortunately returned

Okay. I still feel anxious when I try to visualize her next to me. I also have some hurt left in me. Heavy heartbeats and the like. Do I just feel that without attaching specific thoughts to them? Or am I supposed to let it run wild and feel it?

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