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5/05/2021 11:24 pm  #1

2017 - 2021 IN LOA , OTHER my story

Hi all
Thanks,  love to all. This is how life works. We came here with some ex back leads to massive change and transformation in life, way of living life.
I manifested money easily,   controlled my family atmosphere which was big  challenge.
I am changed, life changed.
Further  disciplines came to me and I empowered  my self with knowledge,  loa,  meditation.. life is a bliss.

I realized just now,  getting  up from  bed

I couldn't apply all things  to my ex back yet  I re connected  with him. Stil, my secret manifestation is on its way. Because  I was still reacting  to 'what IS' so I was getting  that in my life repeatedly. 

I did and always  manifested  everything else wherever I applied our teachings of Neville,  loa and other disciplines.

I was broken  hearted  girl in 2016, long education  of few medical  degrees,  other degrees. Was in education period. Not financially  independent. 

V/s -
Today at this stage. realized good  things about  money.. bob Procter.  Today , I have controlled life full of love, peace, business  in hand. Many other manifestations,  family  front controlled.
Ready to buy my 1st car milestone  in life

I thank Veronica,  this forum,  all people  who came in my life as a medium to share  this light. I do share positivity  now by various  ways. I wish all should  self work, empower  themselves  and spread  love and light.

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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4/03/2023 7:57 am  #2

Re: 2017 - 2021 IN LOA , OTHER my story

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