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4/30/2021 1:06 am  #1

being advance with Neville- my exp- v v v v v v v v vimp

**** This will definitely change your life, depends how much you can do it but this is IT! practice emakes you master ! ****

I noticed, everything inside my mind is getting reaction outside
really feltlike puppet world! 

Am easily able to change the states!
eg. Suddenly when cloudy you feel boring or you feel romantic..opposite moods but YOU feel those
Suddenly you feel it is sunday 
Apply this - get money
You have already to dos in your mind, deadlines .. (This is what should be conciously played in mind of the person who want work and money. ) 

Apply this - ex back
When you are with him, what is on your mind..Those want ex back, have felt and experienced all that already. 
Be in that day, keep thinking that call, those memories as if happening now. This will get you feelings easily.
Your mood and feelings are reacted by him. This is LOA too, be in this state only. Don't feed anything to your mind. This is Neville's Mental Diet too..

Practical Tips - Ex Back
A. You now think, He is not talking to you.
Your actions & Mindgame- why he is not talking, text him, say sorry, try to please him. tell him about separation should be ended. He is bit shy, should improve. Is he mad? 
He is reacting to this. 
B. You CHOOSE to think, like when you were initially connected.
Your actions & Mindgame- He is so handsome, he is calling me his own! Should I pick? I guess I will pick 2nd call, to show am busy ;) I should talk less (see your breath and hearbeats now), he's calling me many times, i didnt think that he can also call me from office. He is so cute. He is asking me out for a car drive What should I wear? I am so happy to tell him am finantially doing great, we will book my own car together Instantly after wedding..
Remember how he talks, it naturally plays in our mind as we fall in love. we think of him, cute things, feel tinglings. Our job is do it conciously.  ;)

How I realised:
I am not talking to anyone, calm meditating. I realised even when no word is exchanged person reacts to my inside feelings, even those not having this knowledge. 'cz all is energy. eg we feel immeditately when someone comes home and we feel fresh or feel like - hey, i dont want this person here! Don't try to learn. Like we become moody, sudden mood change..that is it! Make it conciously. Instantly somehting different occurs, person reacts differently to you. 

Triggers in Mind
Being master in this takes time for few, quick for few. keep filtering thoughts. Any negative thought- say REJECT. I choose this....... And continue..


Thanks & Love
Feel free to PM for anything else.

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