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4/25/2021 5:16 pm  #1

Incurable Disease

I have a question. My boyfriend is having a condition called leg length disprency. Due to fracture in childhood, his one leg is longer than other. He has visited almost all doctors but they say it cant be cured. He has started having back pain due to this. Please help.. is there any cure. Have anyone cured their disease by applying law of attraction? I want him to be healed as this is interfering his daily life and work life too and with doctors, no cure is possible other than surgery. And surgery is risky.


4/26/2021 12:38 pm  #2

Re: Incurable Disease

I'm sorry this is happening to your boyfriend.Β  I do think that healing diseases and ailments is just as possible as manifesting anything else.Β  Try to look into Gregg Braden's works as he focuses a lot on these types of things.Β  Wishing you the best and thanks for posting here.

Veronica xxoo

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