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3/28/2021 4:53 pm  #1

6 new posts for you all to enjoy. Law of Attraction Positivity at work

Hey everyone. 
I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend.
I've had a good one. My laptop has been running so slowly lately as the battery was dying slowly. Plus it was clogged up.
This was causing me some issues with the timing of my posts.

However my laptop now boasts a brand new battery, and thank you to my dad, is now cleared of all the rubbish on here. Honestly, it feels like a new computer which is a good job really as I have loads to write yet. 

Anyway, I thought I would pop in and share the links to my latest few posts. I've been able to do the writing side but not the sharing so easily. I really hope that you enjoy them.
Much love as always Eve xx

Also is there anyone out there that fancy having a go at writing a guest post for us? We love to receive and publish them and of course, credit always goes to you, so if you have your own site, you can link to it. Just let me know if you are interested

Eve from Best Law of Attraction at Why not pop in and say hello!
Much love x


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