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3/23/2021 8:20 pm  #1

I'm confused

I last saw my ex Aug 2019. It was a terrible breakup and betrayal, catching him with someone else and then he abandoned me after promising to care for me after surgery. In his mind we were never a couple, and I do admit it was more a situationship than anything else. Unlike his other exes I did not chase him, not one text or phone call from me. Over a year later, in Oct 2020 I got a reading from a tarot card reader (I would post her name but I don't know if it's allowed on this forum). She was dead accurate on the reading, she described his work, his habits, and other things about him and myself without me telling her ANYTHING. She said that he loved me, this was a true love and fated connection, and that he would contact me on a sunny day. Well one of the first sunny days we had he sent a text out to me! It wasn't warm or apologetic, just asking how i'm doing with the crazy political environment. He went on to talk about his custody case with his ex that's wrapping up in a few months. With my answers I put in things out about my life but he didn't seem interested at all. When I asked him why he was reaching out to me he said "mostly how you're doing with the political world gone mad". He did make a subtle text about coming to his house if we went into civil unrest so he could defend. Then he stopped texting and I haven't heard from him in a few weeks. 
My intuition is that he reached out to me to "check my temperature" to see if I was still mad at him. He is not one to apologize, he's very egotistical so I don't think it would be a great idea to text him demanding an apology. That would push him away even further. I keep manifesting like I did with the text.
My question is why did he cut texting cold turkey? If he loved me so much wouldn't he feel inspired to ask me to coffee, dinner, etc.? I still see that he is still on the dating websites. I am confused. 


5/30/2023 7:51 am  #2

Re: I'm confused

I'm sorry you are confused.  It's obviously hard when someone just stops texting.  Remember, you deserve the best.  The fact he hasn't asked you to coffee or dinner yet doesn't mean he doesn't care.  I would try to continue to see yourself as the kind of person who has the ideal relationship and who is treated with love and respect 


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