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3/19/2021 10:59 am  #1

Law of Attraction Alignment - Positivity Daily Blurb

What is alignment and what is law of attraction alignment?
Alignment is described as the process of coming together in a straight or parallel line.

When talking about the law of attraction, in particular, the word alignment is used a lot. Mainly, when you are in law of attraction alignment, it means you are at one, aligned with your inner being.

One thing that each and every one of us has in common is that we all have our own inner being.

Some may describe your inner being as your higher self, your inner self, or maybe your soul. Whatever you choose to call it though, there is no getting away from the fact we all have one.

And this inner being does an amazing job.

Roles of your inner being
Educator - They are wisdom. Your inner being knows all you need to know. Even when you don’t realise it.

Your true identity - This is the other you. The real you and the one that has the law of attraction working for them at the click of a finger basically.

Inner beings are our life forces. Our lifestreams or if you prefer it, our souls.
When we came into this world our souls came with us. They took on a human form to be able to live in this world as we know it.  And although we obviously start out times on this planet by being born as a newborn, our souls carry all that we have learned over many many previous lifetimes.

Your desire catcher - Your inner being knows you to a tee, and exactly what you are asking for in life.
The inner being sees the best in everything and everyone, all of the time. Being in alignment with your inner being is simply amazing. If you would like to read more about being in alignment then you can read the rest right here

Thank you to each and every one of you that reads my posts. It makes it even more worthwhile. xx  

Eve from Best Law of Attraction at Why not pop in and say hello!
Much love x


3/21/2021 11:44 am  #2

Re: Law of Attraction Alignment - Positivity Daily Blurb

Hey guys, I'm new to this page and just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Tim Shaw, I have found peace, love, and wealth through investing in myself. We only get one shot at this life so if you wake up everyday dragging and complaining about mostly everything then I would love to speak with you, you are enough, you were made for greatness, you deserve everything you want in life. I truly want to help each and every one of you so I ask, are you ready to change your life from negative to positive? Reach out to me now and I will help you, we are one, we are enough, WE ARE GREAT!


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