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3/06/2021 11:50 am  #1

My Desire Statement Example: Daily Positivity Blurbs

Hey everyone. Hope all is well? So I missed a day, so I am catching up. My last Daily Positivity blurb from Thursday. 

Thursday 4th March
I thought that this evening I would share a desire statement example with you all.
As I am writing I am not writing in the future tense, but the present.

My desires are there to allow in and for now, to help with this allowing, I am pretty much simply pretending.
As you will see for every question, I have answered with a desire statement example. A powerful way to journal.
I can do this regularly as desires are always changing and evolving as my life evolves. You don't have to stop at the end. If you want to write more then do so, just keep in mind the question, writing in the present tense and keeping your statement positive.

If you find you have written something that is negative. Have a rethink and reword and write a fresh one out. Simply cross out the old statement and give them no more thought.

So here goes...

What is currently one of my biggest desires regarding money? 

I continue to have a regular supply of money coming in, and as there is an abundance of money in the world, there is always plenty for me. I love money and having plenty to spend out on whatever I choose.

I have respect for money. It's such a calm and wonderful feeling knowing that I will have an endless supply of money for as long as I am still in this physical body' Why? Well, who wouldn't want a regular supply? This supply means I always have plenty, and never have to think about what I spend. I can spend money on myself, my dog, my home, family and friends.

What feelings will it bring?  
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Much love x


7/25/2022 7:49 pm  #2

Re: My Desire Statement Example: Daily Positivity Blurbs

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