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2/28/2021 3:47 pm  #1

Law of Attraction Good Morning: Daily Positivity Blurbs

Sunday 28th Feb (9.15 am)
Good morning. A law of attraction good morning. And it is a good law of attraction good morning!

I’ve been sitting contemplating abundance in my surroundings. Abundance! Practice the vibration of abundance. Practice the vibration of what is in my vortex. The place where everything I have ever wanted in this physical life. And I love to practice the vibrations of each and every one of my desires.

The feelings that these desires bring. Listing my desires, finding/acknowledging the feelings then recognising those feelings throughout the day. And the more I feel these wonderful feelings the more gets thrown at me, into my life, to feel wonderful about. Oh, I am in a win-win position and I simply love it! 

An abundance of wonderful feelings and an abundance of things to feel wonderful about. Flutters in my stomach and a smile on my face, the feelings of security, success and satisfaction. Of love, clarity, contentment and comfort. Of love. New clarity as I have allowed in inspirations, impulses, instincts and ideas. Ready for my day ahead of me! Ready for the day ahead, the week, month and the year ahead. Ready for the abundance in my vortex. Today I am ready for everything and anything. I will love seeing signs from the universe for me.  

Last Night's Signs From the UniverseLast night I saw a beautiful full moon ahead of me whilst out with my doggie. Then the gorgeous sunset, glowing red in the sky with full promise of another good day.I thanked the universe for these signs and immediately there was a lonesome random firework ahead as I turned the corner. The bang and the sparkly lights in the sky. Thank you universe!As that was last night I am looking forward to my day ahead with eagerness and anticipation for my wonderful day. I am ready for more signs from the universe as I just love seeing them. However, I don't need these signs as I always know everything is working in my favour. Always! It's a law of attraction good morning!

My Law of Attraction Good Morning GratitudesI’m looking forward to unfolding more of my manifestations today and I will enjoy every single moment of it

And so, ending today's blurb, I will give my thanks. A huge thanks…

  • For the abundance and wonderful feelings, I have right now. I will milk them as much as I can
  • The glorious spring weather as the sunshine puts a smile on so many peoples faces and lifts spirits
  • The sunshine and the teasing warmth of spring because I love feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and body
  • My little doggie. Every day I give thanks for the joy and love he brings. He is my best friend and companion and we share a strong bond and unconditional love
  • Having a good night's sleep last night. It left me waking up at 7 am feeling refreshed and ready to start my day.
  • For the dinner in my fridge ready to cook later. I love to know that I always have food in my fridge and freezer, and today am looking forward to a roast dinner for one. 
  • Having the time today to be able to sit and work. This is not a usual Sunday for me, so I am making the most of every moment of it.
  • More importantly, having inspiration and motivation today to sit and write. I write each day, and it’s not hard to feel inspired. Writing my daily blurb gets the juices flowing and the inspiration rolling
  • For the love that surrounds me with my family and friends. Knowing that they are always there for me and me for them. 

 Thank you. Writing this has left me feeling inspired, ready, warm, loving, refreshed, grateful, free, creative and most importantly loved
 Much love Eve xx

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Much love x


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