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1/11/2021 1:02 pm  #1

My Shocking Discovery About myself

I wa sjust texting him now, I texted.
In a flow of conversation.. Guess what!
About our calls, I am being a chaser.... & knowing and Loving Neville

It's not him. And I knew this line. But ... what was inside me , came to surface.

I had a fear! Lowest negative vibration !!!!
He is shy personality, I thought he might be scared .. But nO!!

Our previous history had a physical impact on my health after he stopped talking and even when he was talking !
Cz of our love chemistry and Indian values.. We are controlled physically and that was being tough from inside and had health issues on my body related to stress. So, I chose let him marry me, don't talk again.. cz we go in love and i lose my other contacts too and become alone when he is not around. ( what happens to us when we are not knowing self love, we break up 1st time. )

I also started feeling more needof having social contacts.. cz post wedding, we should not be just two.Β 
This was the root cause ! OMG !

I hv to assure myself , that now I have knowledge. I am confident in living and balancing life with him.Β 
I am balancing life with his too much of love, that I am scared of! And he is changed, mature and it's ok to talk to him.Β 

I meditated so much for energy clearing and finally got this tiny block!
Keep wokring on yourself & Love & LIVE Neville....... That's what I wana say to all..
Happy Manifesting !

** Pls note, now am also revising every day since 2021 begining, cheeeers !

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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4/14/2023 2:23 pm  #2

Re: My Shocking Discovery About myself

Great thoughts!Β 

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