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11/03/2020 6:15 am  #1

True Meditation Stories - "How has meditation changed your life?"

Good morning all. I trust you are all doing well.  I've of course been blogging away, when not out with my doggie.  I have done a whole section recently on meditation, and as usual, when I do this I have asked for some true stories to share and help inspire others to jump on the meditation bandwagon.  So I asked, "How has meditation changed your life"? I got a fantastic response, yet again, and from this response, I have popped together a handful of the true stories that were shared with me, and how they also connect to the law of attraction. Enjoy and please share away. Thanks
 You can find these true stories here I hope they help... much love as always

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11/04/2020 1:31 pm  #2

Re: True Meditation Stories - "How has meditation changed your life?"

My SP sends fake love messages to me. Whenever he texts or calls I respond to it and then for sometime or some days he will not call and when I let go again he will start texting and calling me. This is my current situation. Also I see him spending a long time now and then in WhatsApp. But seeing all these things I become silent and let go. But he will start pestering or blaming that I'm avoiding him. Hearing to this, if I again text him back he will never read my message even if he is online, he will make me wait for the whole day and then only he is responding.
After listening to Veronica's videos I don't contact him, he only contacts, but when I respond he will again remains silent and he keeps on hurting the same way.

What must I do in this situation. Veronica or anyone else please respond.

I requested him for a meeting. One year since we met. He is not ready because I told him that I want to check his phone as there was third party and he told me when he come to meet me, I can check, but not ready for the meeting. But says that he is very much in love with me and not even a single time I have experienced it. So many lies I found.

Next he said he will convey our relationship to his sister for getting help but had never said it. Im manifesting it.

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