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10/01/2020 5:36 am  #1

No contact rule - made very easy

I genuinely didn't communicated 2-3 days. That time, while browsing email, I surprisingly found a video , I tried to find few months back as I knew that has huge power to align us. That was our love video , I made with lovely music and our photos before our separation. Music has those vibes that it kicks, the way photos hoverΒ  , it kicks.... ;)
I shared later 1of that photo with him, and it kicked him too ;)

Β am now feeling like am with him, bubbling, smiling.. inner talk with me is smiling remembering cute things and him.. tingling tingling inside , smiles unfitting in cheeks ;)Β 

For those who have little contact with SP , but seeking why next step not happening

this video by abraham hicks, i listened y'day and I was also seeking, why is he not tellign me about wedding. what's going on etc...... and this video made me calm.Β 

Tips for all is :
1.Β Don't force yourself as it's no contact. whenever you feel you can reach him, feed this to mind. then you remain happy. whenver I forced myself in past, no contact- i missed him so much , and tempted to call him. That mad ehim secure, that she's behind me. Now, he loves me- our relationship is harmoneous, and he seeks out for me when i am not in communication. Cz i dont pressure him with tension, fear, questions. I have so many things to talk, laugh and have fun with myself and share with him too.Β 

2. Even when you have relationship, take a small break... it really gives him chance to miss you. I know, i learnt this before and wasn't able to remain happy without communicating with him.
( not jst my happiness, parents used to do something , so i had to rush to him ... I took myself out from that victim position. I read lovely family-atmosphere books made me in that stage of loving family. Now, it's easy to live without communicating him for sometime. so i genuinely do it sometimes...... don't initiate communication, don't ping him. now as i manifested money, i have work as well to keep myself busy and it's very easy to live without communicating with him, but in happy mind. )

How to do this
1. read lovely books, romantic, adventure, suspence
2. grooming yourself, hair-face, skin care etc
3. listen lovely music
4. watch fantastic movies

It works !!!


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5/02/2023 7:59 am  #2

Re: No contact rule - made very easy

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