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9/24/2020 7:55 am  #1

Exercise to Manifest His call

You can use it for anything. Let's discuss his call.Β 
1. write on paper with pen, areas in your life you struggle. You want to manifest something in that. eg. His call.Β 
Β  Β  Write : He is calling me regularly.Β 
2. write what you feel about. you may write 2 words/ 2 pages. then read again. You will be able to find what are your present beliefs about this manifestation. eg. it can be he dont want to call me. this is hidden deep, doesn't come to our surface easily and this is to be removed
3. Now, write beliefs you should believe to manifest his call. eg. He loves me, He want to talk to me etc...Β 
4. Words you write, are your vibrations ! So, keep reading new beliefs constantly. Make their affirmations . visualize those , whatever personal technique works for you.Β 
5. I got this in my meditation, while doing this- I realised few blocks and was surprised these were minute things stopping me from being in receiving mode. ( eg. it can be anything- need / anything even i love calling him so I call awlays and we keep talking .... ! then why can not you belief that he loves talking to you so he will call you !!! )

This definitely releases lots of resistances within us & once we develop feelings oF having it Now , IT BECOMES OUR REALITY. I am very calm by this technique, enjoyed watching Tangled movie just now No missing him, no emotional blackmailing to myself that he must be missing me & i must call !!
It's easy for him to reach out to me anytime, so all is set ! So , am relaxed. It helped me.. If you try, do share your success ! Good Luck !

Thanks & LoveΒ Β​
Feel free to PM for anything else.

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