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9/02/2020 2:13 am  #1

Manifesting Money ;)

Hi Allย 
Lots of Love & Joy !

See Basically my life turned upside down cz of my love affair & then LOA and all came to me. After significant progress in my love story, I decided to manifest money. All my journey of this, teaching are on this forum. So, you can understand v imp point hereย 
I was NEVER in NEED of MONEY , I Wasn't ever under pressure to Earn this much.ย 

โ€‹I started reading Bob Proctors eBookย & I loved that. Cz they had lovely thoughts, I never thought of those! I said, yeah! it's true! It's lovely ! I have not yet finished half, I read when I have lovely peaceful time, No hard & Fast strict scheduleย 
See my achievements:

1. I got offer which is not on internet now for 3-in-1 savings & trading account.ย 
2. Lots of such offers are now coming in inbox.ย 
3. I am connecting with people who are interested in money & who love money. Not needy.
4. I started my 3 new websites, cz i was simply enjoying web designing. And those turned into business!
5. I got 1 contract which will be for long duration & really more than my annual income ! :-Oย 

Please note
All these are totally unplanned by me consciously
I simply spent my time in self love, meditation, doing things I love.
Cz I am here manifesting My Love. So, wana be positive. Tat's how things happened!

Now I am thinking, earning money is so easy & joyful. Just keep doing what you love.ย 


Thanks & Loveย ย โ€‹
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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4/25/2023 7:29 am  #2

Re: Manifesting Money ;)

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